Perpetual Blue Flame
Banyuwangi is situated at the extreme eastern border of Java. It is the place where the first rays of sun fall to bless the land of Java. Banyuwangi sprawls over 5,800 square kilometers. The waves of Indian Ocean touch the southern beaches, two majestic mountains; Mount Raung; 3,285 meters high and Mount Merapi; 2,800 meter high adore the region. You can trek from Banyuwangi to the Ijen crater, and be amazed by perpetual blue flames coming out of the yellow phosphorous rock. The silver content in the air in this region is very high, which can tarnish any silver jewelry you carry.


This place is not only famous for the blue flame but also for but also for surfing. Plengkung Beach is sought after only Hawaii for surfing. The waves that lap on the shores come with average seven rows coining the name The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. The Red beach is more placid, and amateur surfers can try a hand over here. This beach is devoid of any coral reef, but that is compensated with spectacular sunrise and sunset views, which allure thousands of visitors from across the world.

The hotels

Hotel Banyuwangi is featured with all modern facilities, along with free Wi-Fi and parking. From the hotel rooms, you watch the relentless waves in the ocean. The rooms are clean, well decorated with television, wardrobes, refrigerator, air-condition and desks. The rooms have attached bathrooms that are sparkling, clean, and tidy. The restaurants of the hotels offer ethnic delicacies; you can order food in your room also. The front desk is operational24x7 and answers all your queries politely.

Alas Purwo National park

The city of Banyuwangi is a gateway to explore the wild lives that thrive in the Alas Purwo National park. This park is the oldest reserve forest in Java. This park is a habitat of many species of animals including buffaloes, peacocks, eagles, mouse-deer and many other wild animals. Green Bay is another unique place to visit. The color of the water changes from green to blue as you proceed from the shores. The white sands and clear sapphire water makes a striking contrast, making you feel you are in seventh heaven. In the Sukamade beach, you will find lots of turtles flocking to hatch their eggs. When you retreat to Banyuwangi, you can feel the true essence of wilderness, when you cross the Meru Betiri National Park. On the way, you hear the songs and chirpings of many known and unknown birds like peacocks, macaques, and other endangered birds.

The culture

Every night at Blambangan Park, cultural shows are hosted to entertain the visitors. The performance is conducted by local artists to exhibit local traditions and culture. There are four ethnic cuisines you must try while you stay at Banyuwangi. A dish prepared from boiled vegetables, cooked rice sprinkled with raw condiment is spicy and hot. Nasi Cawuk is an ethnic breakfast dish made from shredded coconut, grilled corn, and rice that is delicious and delectable.