Aftermarket Suspension
What do coilovers do? Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’ve certainly come to the right place. That’s because that’s exactly what we look at here and by reading to the end, you’ll get a clear understanding of what coilovers offer to motorists wanting to improve the handling of their cars.

There are a number of ways in which you can enhance your car, such as by installing airbag kits, however, nothing quite adds value to your car like a coilover kit. So, without further hyperbole, let’s get the low-down on what coilovers do!

What Do Coilovers Do? They Improve Your Car’s Handling

One of the main reasons that people decide to pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on coilover kits is that they make your ride handle better, which is a real bonus, particularly when you’re driving on the track.

A good quality coilover will make your drive stiffer too so that you get a better feel for the terrain you’re travelling over. What do coilovers do for your handling? They improve your cornering, braking and ultimately, your lap times!

What Do Coilovers Do for Your Car’s Appearance?

Something else that coilovers do for your car is allow you to drop your ride height to any desired level, meaning that you can adjust your setup to suit your purposes. If you want improved performance on the track, you can set your ride height nice and low and then raise it back up again for city driving.

It’s a flexibility that you just don’t get with alternatives like lowering springs, as they come preset and aren’t able to be changed after installation. For serious gear heads who want full adjustability for their damping, ride height and rebound settings, coilovers are the only sensible option.

Sure, there are other ways in which to lower your ride height, but the cheaper options don’t come with anything like the kind of adjustability that coilovers provide. Not only that, but you really do get what you pay for with aftermarket suspension, so any investment you make will result in something you can feel every time you get behind the wheel.

Find Out What Do Coilovers Do By Purchasing Some Today

Coilovers are amongst the best types of aftermarket suspension you can invest in for your ride and the dollars you part with can be felt in every corner, every braking manoeuvre and well, every time you take your car out. In answering the common question that is ‘what do coilovers do?’, we say that they add performance, aesthetics and prestige to your ride.

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