Visiting South Australia
You have picked South Australia as your next destination and have been all excited about it. From Vineyards to caves, to wineries to trials, this place has a lot to offer, and you need to choose wisely what you should add in your itinerary.

Now without further ado, let’s quickly talk about the 7 travel ideas you must consider while visiting South Australia.

1. Adelaide

How could we not begin our list with South Australia’s capital city itself? Adelaide. But there is more to it than just being the capital city.

Along with artful adventures, you can expect your nights enveloped in the best of cafes, clubs, and cocktail bars. And ofcourse, you just cannot miss out on the big-ticket attractions, blessed with tourism, the Adelaide Oval, and the Adelaide Zoo.

2. Glenelg

we love to call it one of Australia’s most beautiful blessings to mankind, Glenelg is just an hour and a half away from midtown, Adelaide. In your visit, you will find this place to be filled with tourists like you and locals, who are completely mesmerized by its beauty.

Along with that, cafes are sure to fill you with amazement because there are so many crazy ones out there! This place has some of the world’s best beachfront bars. But wait, that’s not it – did you know you can go swimming with dolphins here? Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

3. Port Lincoln

Well Australia itself is an island, so you can expect that a lot of our travel ideas will have water in it. For anyone who knows how soothing and life-changing an underwater dive or experience can be, Port Lincoln is the place.

We always say people that this place has to offer the world’s best underwater experiences, and for anyone trying it for the first time, cannot have it better. You can watch the great white sharks, or the sea lions, from behind the safety cages, truly hair raising, and nothing like before experience. What else? End your day with amazing seafood, you never knew you were craving for.

4. Barossa Valley

We have already discussed 3 big destinations and haven’t yet discussed wine. That’s not happening any longer. To get a taste of wine, and an even refined taste of South Australia, we bring to you our next destination, Barossa Valley, one of Australia’s most historic and prolific Wine making regions.

Amidst the world’s best wineries, you can simply eat and drink your way through the entire cellar doors and gourmet food experiences.

5. The Kangaroo Island

People will call you crazy if you visit South Australia, and not have an Instagram worthy post with a Kangaroo, and in turn, you will call us crazier if you do not have it on our list!

Anyways, Kangaroo Island has South Australia’s very own and unique wildlife, nothing you will find anywhere else in the world, ranging from Kangaroos to platypus, sea lions, possums, and not to mention the beautiful and most diverse birdlife.

6. Lake Eyre-Kati Thanda

We have already discussed various destinations and things to do in these destinations, now let us talk about something different. This place is the lowest point of South Australia, a 7-hour drive away from South Australia, and is also likely to be dry during your visit.

So then, why are we asking to visit the place? Because when it is dry the horizon disappears, and the sky merges with the shimmering Salt Lake as long as your eye can see.

7. Wine Regions Australia

We only spoke minutely about the wine culture back in Australia, but a day in South Australia is only spent best when it has wine in it. So, it is only fair if we give you a brief on it separately.

Anywhere you go in South Australia, and you are looking for Wine Regions Australia you will not be disappointed with the wine it has to offer, but yes, we do have a few recommendations, you must visit if you are a wine enthusiast. This includes McLarenVale, as well as the Barossa Valley.

In conclusion, I would say our list won’t disappoint you, and you will honestly have a blast in South Australia. And ofcourse, don’t forget to take photos, and the wine back home!