We all have big dreams when it comes to our businesses and our brand. When you've got a winning product, all you want to do is get it to more and more people. Startups and small businesses need to be focused on business growth if they're going to survive and thrive. Here are some winning ideas to use in content marketing and social media plans to make sure your business keeps going from strength to strength.

Experiment with different media

Different people respond to different media, so make sure you spread a wide net. According to this Los Angeles videography agency, video is something that is often underutilized by small businesses and startups, largely because it's often harder to create than graphics. Corporate video is hard to get right, but it's well worth it when you do. If you have a team member or content marketer who is good with graphic design, see if they can also do visual effects or video for social media. Introducing a video project to your marketing plan will help you reach far more people, especially on social media.

Have a clear plan for different avenues

As you start to broaden your strategy, make sure you also have a clear business goal in mind. OKR graphics can be a great way to visualize your key results and production process, so there is clear alignment for everyone involved. Best practices for any growing company is to include as many people as possible in goal setting, so everyone can contribute their unique opinions. In a good OKR framework, you have the final say, but it should be clear to everyone involved as well. If this is a new process for you and your brand, you can find a comprehensive guide online to know how to get it right and see how it will start benefiting your business almost immediately.

Know who you're talking to

Even major brands can struggle to know who their consumer products are actually selling to. You need to understand your customers before you can grow your customer base effectively, so make sure your market research process is streamlined and effective. For example, if you want to sell to other entrepreneurs, start doing interviews with business owners who fit your target market. Get to know them as deeply as possible, so you know what they will respond to and how you can adapt to sell to more people like them. Gather testimonials from people you have already sold to; social proof is golden when it comes to convincing people to trust your brand and your product, especially if you don't have years of experience to back you up.

Follow up down the line

Reinforcing an old customer or lead is far cheaper and more effective than continuing to reach out to new people. That doesn't mean you only ever sell to the same 10 people, but rather that you go back to past clients and see if you can do follow up work or repeat business. They might also be places to gather more testimonials. With these past customers, you know that they already understand what you do and they were relevant leads once. If that still applies, then they are perfectly queued up to help you boost your business growth today. Make sure your brand continues positive relationships with these clients, because the odds are that they will be even more lucrative for your startup than a dozen new customers.

With these strategies in mind, you will soon start to see your customer base expanding further than you could have imagined. Know your brand and your customer well, and the business growth will soon follow.