When you're interested in the b-segment Sedan cars, Honda city and Nissan Almera are two popular options. Both of the brands are competitors to each other. If you give a glimpse of their previous selling record, you'll easily find the facts.

So, it’s difficult to tell which is the best B-segment Sedan car among Honda City and Nissan Almera In this article, we’ll solve the inquiry, which is a better option for you. Let's first talk about how much these cars have gotten responses from their customers after debut.

The Honda city, after introducing first on the Thai market, got lots of support from its buyers. In 2020, the car was launched in Malaysia, combining the recent ideas, updated appearance, multi-work guiding wheel, etc. But due to some consequences, it didn’t get so much popularity in the Thai market.

Conversely, with its strong motor and affordability, Nissan has gained the attention to people after releasing it. However, in our article, we have compared two best B-segment cars –2020 Honda city and 2020 Nissan Almera. Let’s start!

The best B-segment Sedan Car: Honda City Vs. Nissan Almera

Ever used any of the brands between Honda or Nissan? If so, it would be somewhat easier to choose the quality car. Don't worry if you never used any of them. After completing the article, you'll understand which car is suitable for you.

Let's compare these two rivals to each other to reach a specific conclusion about which is the best.

Looks styling

Although giving priority about a car’s looks and styling is one’s personal preferences. Still, people opine that the Honda city is more stylish and standard looking than Nissan Almera.

It has LED headlamps that give the car a sharp look with great appeal. Plus, the side profile of the car provides the user a feel of the sporty car.

Conversely, the design of the Nissan Almera is not that superb and needs upgrading. With the curvy roofline, the side view of the Almera is a bit dull. In contrast, big headlights cannot draw much attention from people. Luckily, the Almera comes with some accessories that will make your car a bit stylish after using it.


All the Honda city comes with the i-MMD engine, whereas the Nissan Almera features a 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. The engine type makes the Honda a better choice than the Nissan Almera.

Exterior Design

The Honda city exterior includes the remote fuel lid opener, adjustable headlights, alloy wheels, and integrated antenna.

But the Nissan doesn’t feature the remote fuel lid and integrated antenna. It has fog front lights, Outside Rear View Mirror Turn Indicator, which is unavailable in Honda city.


When it comes to affordability, the Nissan Almera is more affordable than the Honda city. The price range of the Honda city varies from the THB 579500-739000 and Nissan Almera 499000-639000.

The Nissan will provide bright color, superior design, good engine performance, and a great-looking cabin

 in the affordable price range.

Conversely, the Honda City comes with an outstanding appearance, beautiful, functional cabin, and provocative engine for the given price range.


Fuel consumption

Likewise, in most other latest models, the fuel consumption of these two cars is almost similar. Plus, both of the B-segment sedan cars run with petrol.

But, the fuel consumption of Almera is 7-7.50-liter/100km, whereas the city Honda needs 7-liter/100km. That is why the Honda city is more economy-friendly than the Nissan Almera.

Interior space and design

You'll find the Honda city is longer and wider at a first glimpse that comes with a huge backspace. Plus, it has a customizable headrest and a convenient knee zone, which is unavailable in Nissan.

Conversely, the internal material of Nissan is better in quality than the Honda 2020.

When it comes to the car's installed plastic material, you'll find it decent and soft. Whereas, the contrasting color of the seat covers gives the car a great impression to market. 

Safety and security system

Both of the B-segment sedan cars feature a common security system. These are six airbags, central locking, power door locks, engine immobilizer, anti-theft device, anti-theft alarm, central locking.

Nonetheless, the Nissan Almera somehow has a more developed security system than the Honda 2020. It comes with well-built up traction control, which is unavailable in Honda city.

The sum up!

Due to the security system, engine consumption, interior space, exterior design, and stylish look, you better take the Honda city as an ideal choice.

But if you consider the interior design instead of space and affordability, you must love the Nissan Almera.

We’ll personally recommend you invest in Honda when you don't want to negotiate with the quality. Of course, it's not bad to raise the budget to ensure the best quality product.