If you're currently in the process of planning an upcoming corporate event, continue reading to discover 10 important things to keep in mind when you're planning your corporate event.

10 Things to keep in mind when planning a corporate event:

planning a corporate event

Your budget:

In order to select a venue, a catering company and a host for your corporate event it's necessary to set a budget. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your available choices and will prevent you from wasting time on options which don't fit your event's budget

Your list of attendees:

Once you have a final list of attendees you'll have a better idea of which venues are large enough to host your event as well as how much money you'll be able to spend on each guest. 

Your audience:

All of the decisions which you make should be made with your target audience in mind. Think about who your audience is and cater your event to their preferences. As an example, the average age of your guests and their professions within your organization may influence some of your decisions.

The facilities which each venue offers:

As examples, you may require professional audio visual equipment for your speeches, presentations and live entertainment. Or you may prefer to book a venue which offers on-site catering. 

The date:

The date which you decide on may limit your options, especially when it comes to selecting a venue. So it's a wise idea to decide on a few possible dates, before hunting for a venue or hiring caterers for your event. In some cases, you may not have a choice when it comes to your date. 

The time and duration of your event:

Be clear about whether your event is a day time event an evening event or is held over multiple days. As the longer your event is the stricter your budget may need to be. 

The purpose of your event:

As an example, if the purpose of your event is team building or networking, select activities that promote interaction between your guests. Whereas if the purpose of your corporate event is awarding prizes, you may want to hire inspiring speakers to talk to your audience between prize categories. 

The theme of your event:

A fun way to make your event memorable is to give it a theme. You could even hire an Event Design Company to style your whole event to really take it to the next level.

Whether or not tickets are free:

If tickets are free your budget may be substantially smaller. However, if you charge for tickets your turn out maybe smaller as some individuals may not be willing to pay to attend your event. 

The timetable of your event:

Ensure to come up with a detailed timeline for your event in order to ensure that your event will run smoothly. Having a pre-planned timetable will also ensure that your guests will be able to get the most out of their experience.

If you focus on the 10 focal points which are listed above you should have no issue creating a memorable, professional event that your guests will rave about.