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Content Marketing For Startup Business

A hot issue to talk about in recent times, content marketing is publishing effective, valuable and of course, relevant content creation from helps to find appropriate solutions to the problems of your target audience. 

Proper content marketing is absolutely pivotal for a startup business, and here’s why:

It Develops Brand Reputation

Brands build trust by appropriate content marketing. Customers build an opinion about your brand when they come across certain content published by your startup business. And by gradually providing value to your content, you can build trust in the market and stamp your authority.

It Develops Conversions through Perfect Content

A clear call-to-action, CTA informs the reader about the next steps and gives information to the consumers they require to make a logical, well-informed purchase.

It Improves SEO

SEO is developed manifold through publishing optimized, effective content. Simply put, the more content your site comprises, the more pages can be displayed to the users by the search engine. This develops the visibility of your website and thus, your business.

It Sets you Apart from your Competitors

Content marketing sets your business apart from your competitors, creating a benchmark for the competitor websites to reach. Through well researched, informative and effective content, your company develops a brand voice that portrays your brand differently and exclusively from the rest.

It Displays your Brand Expertise

Show your customers that you know the ins and outs of the industry which establishes your expertise in the market. Once you start publishing blog posts, customers are more likely to make an educated purchase decision from the brand that is well-informed about the market they’re trying to excel in, rather than the brand that’s not.

It’s a Cost Effective Method of Generating New Leads

A proven method to generate traffic in a very cost effective way is to publish great content. Startup businesses rely on consistent traffic in order to boost sales and make their brand grow. And the fact that content generation is one of the cheapest gateways to that, really stands out. So, for brands trying to maximize their budget and achieve more traffic, appropriate content creation is key.

With all of these being said, publishing a fresh piece of content is easier said than done. Hours and hours of research and editing must go into the content before it’s published. Even that’s not all - promoting your content on all the social channels, providing email updates to subscribers and optimizing it; every last one of these is needed for the content to excel.
Imagine a way to reintroduce your older content and help reach a new audience - wouldn’t that be great?

Ways To Repurpose Previously Published Content

Repurposing content, a method to bring new life into your age-old contents and generate more traffic, is your way out. Following are a few examples of doing that:

Converting Blog Posts into Video Clips

Videos are the most popular posts on Facebook and definitely on YouTube. It has higher engagements and higher reach than any other formats.
Choose the articles that were crucial to your business before and convert them into videos. Publish these videos on your Facebook and YouTube channel to obtain new traffic for your content. Besides these, post them on Twitter and LinkedIn for new followers.
Not only that, you can even go live on Facebook and discuss the topic that were published on your website with the audience of your brand’s Facebook fan page.

Creating More Infographics

Boost the reach of your business by designing and publishing well thought out infographics based on topic previously published on your website. Share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit to effectively amplify your social media reach.

Transforming Your Best Articles into Podcast Episodes

Even a decade ago, most of the people around us did not even know what a podcast was. But the scenario did certainly change and statistics show there are above 150 million people who listen to podcast every week. Hence, promoting the new podcast episodes created from your well performing blog posts can actually prove to be game-changing.

Hosting a Webinar

Consider the topics that have already managed to achieve impressive traffic on your blog. Consistent organic traffic refers to the fact that your audience is really engaged in the topics you’re providing in your blog. Hold a poll on your blog, opt for a topic that is relevant to your audience and host a webinar on it.

Publish Interactive Content

Incorporate quizzes, polls, chat bots to your contents online and breathe new life into them. Interactive content sets you apart from your competitors and it’s one of the most proven ways to stand out from the sea of content publishers out there.

Emphasize on Live Videos

Platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live have made it much easier for brands and startup businesses to effectively interact with their followers and customers. Besides, YouTube Stream Now, LinkedIn Live are also notable. Live videos are more attractive to audiences than even blog posts, so jump on the streaming bandwagon and obtain more traffic for your content, easily!

Why SEO is Needed for Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are basically the same department. One needs the other extensively. Link building including outbound linking and inbound linking are few of the major factors of SEO.
Making backlink to your site’s content helps your site to get in first page of Google which increases visibility of your brand and also traffic to your website.

Effectively using them to create quality content, enhance user experience and gradually generate traffic for your website are the favors SEO does for content marketing.

Linking to your websites is vital for getting traffic, and services like T-Ranks serve as a Private Blog Network (PBN) and help businesses get better rank in Google and other search engines. So if you’re willing to market your website effectively and generate leads, you better check it out!


For your startup business, content marketing is a really cost-effective strategy to achieve your targeted traffic. While content marketing ramps up your online presence and finds out enough ways to generate leads, publish and repurpose content effectively to grab hold of the market and stand out among other businesses.