Personal Injury AttorneyWhen you're injured in an accident in Miami, you should get yourself checked and receive the necessary treatment and medication for your recovery. However, it doesn't end there. Depending on your situation, you probably have to retain the services of a dedicated personal injury attorney. They can help explain the legal options available to your unique situation and pay attention to getting the compensation you're rightfully entitled to.

However, not all accidents and injuries may need legal representation. Some are minor and uncomplicated, which don't require the assistance of a legal professional.
So, keep reading this article if you're wondering when should be the right time to call a Miami personal injury attorney.

When Your Injuries Are Severe Enough To Have A Long-Term Effect On Your Life

Sometimes, accident victims don't want to make their situations complicated. Once they get themselves treated, they don't bother calling an attorney anymore to recover compensation from the at-fault party.

But, when the injuries are serious enough that you’ll need long-term treatment and medication, it's something that you should consult with your attorney. Typically, getting seriously injured can result in permanent disabilities, which can significantly affect your ability to work and live an enjoyable life. Due to your disability, you can no longer earn a living for your family and, as a result, suffer from an extreme emotional breakdown.

Therefore, you need the services of a Miami personal injury attorney to help you recover compensation from the at-fault party. They'll protect your rights by giving what's due to you as an injured victim of someone else's negligence.

When Negotiating With The Insurance Company

When you're injured in a Miami accident, like a recreational boating accident, one of the legal remedies you can avail is filing an insurance claim against the at-fault party's insurance company. However, the process of dealing with them can become complicated. A few days after the accident, the company's representative may contact you to settle the claim quickly. Since you need immediate cash, you may be tempted to accept an offer lower than what you should get based on the damages you've suffered.

Aside from offering a low settlement, the insurance company will do everything to make you look guilty of the accident, such as shifting the blame on you. They'll use any statements you provide against yourself to minimize your insurance claim. To avoid this headache, you should contact a Miami boating accident attorney to assist you. They'll represent you in all negotiations and protect you from the insurance company's financial move to make the lowest settlement possible.

When You Need To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Claim In Court

Another legal recourse you can take when injured in an accident is to file a personal injury lawsuit claim. This usually happens when you and the insurance company didn't reach a compromise agreement about the settlement offer. However, initiating a case in court is never easy. You should hire a reliable personal injury attorney who can handle the case and get a favorable judgment for you.

Below are the reasons you should get a legal professional's services when filing a personal injury lawsuit claim:

  • Statute of limitations – When it comes to injury cases in Miami, you should file your case within the deadline or the statute of limitations required by the place. You'll only know this if you have a lawyer who can guide you in starting your claim. Remember, a personal injury lawsuit claim filed beyond the deadline has no merit and can no longer be accepted in court.
  • Collection of evidence – Of course, you need to establish the other party's fault when pursuing an injury lawsuit claim. To do this, you should work with an attorney who can help you gather pieces of evidence to support your claim and recover monetary compensation from the at-fault party.
  • Defense strategy – It's important to note that every accident is unique. It requires individualized attention to ensure a favorable outcome. Thus, if you want to have a strong defense strategy, calling an attorney is extremely important. They'll spend time building your case and creating the best ways to protect your interests.


Indeed, personal injuries suffered due to another person's negligence can affect your life in the long run. The accident and the injuries can cause physical, emotional, financial toll on you and your family. Because of this, you should know when should be the perfect time to hire a personal injury attorney in Miami.

Thankfully, by keeping this information in mind, you'll know whether your situation requires the assistance of a lawyer right from the very beginning.