Highland Tourism

The Highlands of Scotland have been a popular place for people to visit for decades, but the NC500 route has given the chance to many people to experience this beautiful region in a new way. What has this done for Highland Tourism? Let’s take a closer look.


One of the key things that the NC500 has done is to bring exposure to Scotland in a new way. Many people are aware of the stunning sight of Eilean Donan Castle, or they might have seen Culloden Battlefield on popular TV shows like Outlander. They are able to visit them and see them for themselves, with many new tours popping up to cater to pop culture like the latter.

However, one of the biggest advantages it has given is that it has brought exposure to many other areas. There are some real hidden gems along the route. Choosing to drive it gives you the chance to explore it at your own pace and possibly even discover something new that no-one but the locals know about.


One of the primary boosts that the NC500 has been a boost to local infrastructure. Many local businesses were geared towards tourism anyway, and they have now been able to benefit from further traffic and passing trade. Many other businesses have flourished, from the best campervan rental Scotland has to offer from unique accommodation like glamping pods and more. One of the best things about the NC500 is coming across a tiny shop seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and being able to hop out and explore.

There is a small downside to this in terms of the condition of the roads. Much of the NC500 is single-track road. Not only should you look up the rules for driving on this type of road, you should also make sure you are not littering or doing anything that could damage the environment.


There has been a real increase in opportunities for Scotland thanks to the official designation of the NC500. Many people knew about the route anyway, but there have been even more who have chosen to undertake it now.

The opportunities available for locals, in particular, have increased ten-fold. Many are choosing to set up their own small businesses, or putting up either their spare room or a converted outbuilding on a site like Airbnb. Local communities will hopefully be able to flourish even further thanks to the introduction of the route.

The NC500 has helped to showcase much of the beauty of Northern Scotland in a way that is really exciting. This is now one of the great road trips of the world, and people are coming from everywhere to experience it. If you are searching for a great adventure that mixes stunning views and the feeling that you are truly alone in the world as you drive, you definitely need to check out what this holiday can offer you. Research the NC500, and have a look into what it would take for you to try it!