Living Retirement Communities
When you decide that you rather live in a community than age at home, you have to choose the right place. There are many choices and include independent living, memory care, assisted living and continuing care retirement community or life plan community. Liberty senior living develops and manages several retirement communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.When you ask the below questions to yourself then it will help you to make up your mind about which community is the right choice for you.

Asking The Right Question

How you reply to community-specific questions will be a good indicator of what type of senior living community is the right fit.

Independent Living

Old adults who select an independent living community like Vivante Living, mostly do so for reasons of socialization and convenience. Is it right for you? Ask this question to yourself :
  • Are you an active independent senior?
  • Are you able to manage your medications independently?
  • Can you manage your personal care needs safely?
  • Do you intend and be able to maintain your active lifestyle?
When you prefer not worrying about household maintenance and repairs, you have more time for life enrichment activities for your family and travelling in an independent living community can be a very nice choice.

Assisted Living

Adult children and the ageing parents and assisted living community to be an agreeable compromise. The seniors maintain their privacy and independence in a private apartment and their adult child feels confident, their parent is safe and is getting the extra care and support which they require.
  • Is Assisted Living The Right Choice?
  • Are there signs - more help is needed with activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing?
  • Are there more concerns about personal care and safety?
  • Have there been falls or a series of falls?
  • Is meal preparation more difficult? Are there signs of Hunger or evidence that dietary and nutrition needs are not being met?
  • Has the family caregiver become worn out or do they experience health problems of their own?
  • Do home care expenses exceed the cost of moving to an assisted living community?
  • Do mobility issues make it difficult/impossible to manoeuvre inside and outside the home safely?
  • Are you worried about isolation?
If you answer yes to more than one of these questions, you will be able to find out more about assisted living communities near you.

Memory Care

It is the specialised care for adults with Alzheimer's disease or another form of age-related dementia. No cure has been found for Alzheimer's, memory care programs continue to benefit. These programs are quite effective in maintaining the quality of life for those people who have memory loss. Consult with the physician if you have an answer in yes to any of the following questions -
  • Is round the clock supervision needed for safety?
  • Are there difficult to manage behaviours like sundowner's syndrome, aggression or wandering?
  •  Is it a struggle to stay engaged in meaningful activities?
Is caring of your loved one, taking a toll on your family or your career? Are you involved in care developing ailments attributable to stress and emotional overload? If you answer yes to any of the questions better consult professionals and know more about memory care programs.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (Ccrc) Or Life Plan Community

The campus-like environment offers a full Continuum of senior care from independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing. Many offer home care, memory care and hospice services. CCRC or life care communities are the choice of seniors who wish to remain independent and active while learning a plan for the future.

A CCRC can be a good long term solution for seniors who want a senior care community with a variety of options for the present and the future.