When was the last time you checked out a mobile game and actually played it? Now that the self-isolation period has given us ample time, why not explore something different? If you’re tired of binge-watching shows, try your hands on these wonderful games that are sure to keep you busy for hours:


The BlockuDoku block puzzle is much more than just being fun – it’s addictive and mentally stimulating. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down. This block puzzle is a perfect blend of logic-based Sudoku with tile-matching Blocks, which makes it different from so many other online games. The specifics are simple yet challenging, but mastering the solving techniques is what it takes to win each level. 

Your aim is to match the lines or squares to destroy these and keep beating your best scores. Where the visuals are soothing, background sounds keep you active and focused. So use logic, act fast, and prevent the playing field from piling up, or the game ends. BlockuDoku is a great stress-buster and also a pleasant pastime. Try this block puzzle yourself and experience the magic!

7 Wonders

7 Wonders is one of the best card games of all times. The gameplay is interesting, challenging, and totally worth it. You play cards to collect points and resources that’ll help you complete your wonder. You can score more in greater ways, but it’s about following a strategy that your opponent isn’t regarding that too when the moves are simultaneous. It’s a great game that summarizes a city-building theme perfectly into 30-minute playtime. 

It starts with each player getting a hand of seven cards per round. Each player plays once and passes on the remaining cards for the other players to select, and that’s how you move around the table. This is done thrice where everyone picks six cards, and the game is played with 18 cards to build the engine that’ll get you the coins. It might sound a little confusing at first, but you’ll undoubtedly fall for the game.

Ticket to Ride 

This game can be anyone’s go-to game. In fact, a block puzzle and card game too can be go-to choices. Ticket to Ride is an expansive route-finding game that manages not to feel like one. It’s a cross-country train adventure offering maps of Asia, England, Europe, Germany, India, Nordic countries, Pennsylvania, and Switzerland. 

Your aim is to play and collect matching train cards to claim the connecting routes. Each level feels new and exciting. The game has excellent graphics, rules are simple, scoring is easy, and you’ll be hooked with the gameplay for hours. In fact, you can also challenge players from all around the world in the cross-platform mode. What could be better than this?

So wait no more. 

Grab your phone and download these ASAP! We’re sure you’ll love them!