Marriage is an important event for everyone’s life. In the past, people used to prefer simple weeding programs, but nowadays people prefer glamorous weeding programs and also some people still prefer simple weeding.

However, if you are planning for a marriage ceremony, whether a glamorous one or a simple one, you have to take lots of preparation. In our country wedding is a social gathering place. So you have to care about all the things.

Nowadays people are busy with their careers, so they become confused when it comes to taking preparation for their wedding. But be relaxed. With little time, proper planning, and preparation, you can make the day special for all.

In the following part, I will provide some tips for the marriage ceremony.

Make a Plan

At present, people celebrate many programs like- engagement, Holud, Mehendi, Biye, Waalima. At first, decide do you want to celebrate all or select according to your choice.

Then plan those programs along with venue selection, decoration, guest list, and food list.

Make It Short

Remember your guests are at your wedding to give their good wishes and they might have a short time. Don’t extend your program. In our country, it is common that the groom's side comes late at the venue, which is a bit weird.

So be on time, brief the ceremony and respect the time of your guests.

Greet Each Guest

It may sound a bit tough because on your wedding day you may be the busiest person. But your guests are here only for you. So don’t forget to greet each guest and show your gratitude to join in your special occasion.

Seat Plan

In our country, a well-planned seat plan is not common, but you can do that. It will organize the whole event more accurately. You can make a seating plan for children where children will be able to enjoy their own time and also make sure there are enough chairs for each guest.

Select Menu

The most crucial thing for a wedding Ceremony is choosing food. To do this, you must consider the guest’s choice. A simple solution is arranging a buffet. Again, you must think about the time, i.e., Lunch or Dinner, because the menu should be according to the eating hours.

Though a buffet menu is costly, it is smart choice. On the other hand, you can arrange traditional menus for the ceremony since it is cost-effective. However, also consider the season and weather.

Snacks Stall

Nowadays, it is a common idea. In weeding, many people keep stalls of traditional snacks like-Fuchka, Jelapi, traditional drinks, etc. where guests can take the taste of hose foods and can enjoy their unique time.


Nowadays the wedding is all about taking the picture. You can make some unique photo-boots which will help you and your partner to take photos as well as your guests for gathering memories of this special event.

Play Some Music

In most of the Holud, Mehendi program, people hire DJ. Make sure that your DJ will take a request for songs. Even if you are not hiring a DJ to try to arrange the system of music which will give enjoyment to your guests.

Weeding Games

In Holud, Mehendi program, you can arrange for several wedding games such as- Antakshari, Pillow Passing, Dancing, which will be a reason for great enjoyment.

Personalize the Program

For making the day more attractive, you can use some personalize things at your wedding, which will give enjoyment to the guests and will also make the event enjoyable.

For this, you can make a video about exciting things such as- if your marriage is a love marriage, you can make a video of how you two first met and how your journey was.

Comforts of Guests

Don’t forget to make sure of your guest's comfortableness. It can be the temperature of the venue, the sounds of music, etc.

Phone Charging Area

You can make a phone charging area where your guests can charge their phones or any other electronic devices such as as-camera. As nowadays electronic devices are most common, it can be useful for your guests.

Do You Want to Make It Simple?

Maybe you are thinking of a simple weeding program then don’t be tensed. You can arrange your Holud event at your rooftop with flower decoration, and you can make food with the help of local caterer service.

In this modern world, everyone is having fancy weeding so I also prefer a simple wedding which will give me more space for enjoying my special day with my dearest ones.

You and your partner can arrange all the programs together like- Hould program together and one reception, and you can perform the religious marriage rituals at home with your nearest person.

It will save you cost and give you and your guests a warm feeling. But don’t forget to enjoy it. You can arrange some games, music systems, and traditional snacks at home also.


Marriage ceremonies are important, and that’s why people want to make it memorable. You can arrange all the things according to your choice and your budget.

Don’t try to imitate what others are doing. Try to make your day special according to your style. If excessive programs don’t suit your personality, then avoid them.

How will you celebrate your marriage ceremony depend on you. Just try to make the day special for you and your guests with great enjoyment.