Data Erasure for Enterprises
People tend to think that data deletion and data erasure is the same. Knowing the difference goes a long way in applying effective data protection measures. Data deletion means clearing out space with the intent to reuse the disk. On the other hand, data erasure, also known as sanitization, refers to the process of getting rid of or destroying data permanently. While it makes the data unrecoverable, the hard drive or devices can still be used to store information.

Data is a valuable commodity to businesses. However, it is also a liability since data storage now comes with risks. With the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), organizations are now forced to protect the data that they manage. Failure to which they suffer huge fines. 

How Do Organizations Ensure that Data is Erased?

When data is no longer valuable to companies, it is advisable to remove it. Most organizations opt for the physical destruction of the storage devices. They use a huge shredder to rip apart devices, thereby destroying the data in the process.Not only is the technique expensive and wasteful, but the shredded pieces can still be used to recover files.

Some businesses also adopt degaussing, which uses a powerful magnet to destroy information from magnetic media. While it is useful in hard disk drives and tapes, degaussing is not ideal for SSD and flash drives.

Although all these methods help in a way to destroy sensitive data, they are limited in application. It is crucial to employ specialized hardware or software to erase data in both SSD drives and magnetic storage media. Whatever your choice is, it should efficiently sanitize and make data unrecoverable. Most importantly, the technique must meet data privacy regulations and even provide digital proof of erasure. 

Why Should Data Sanitization Be Your Top Priority?

When it comes to removing company’s data, not only do you risk your information but also that of clients. Knowing the legal obligations that come with data storage helps you to understand the importance of destroying sensitive data.

Improper disposal of data can result in data breaches and hacks. It can cause your company large sums of money through litigation cases. Organizations lose millions of dollars yearly due to data breaches. Therefore, as long as companies fail to take adequate measures to protect their customers, regulators will put stricter consequences.

People often think that hackers or techies are the only ones that can recover data. This belief is not true since it only requires a little set of skills to achieve it.Data recovery programs aim to allow easy recovery of data in case one deletes details accidentally. It is scary that with just a single click with these solutions, one can access all deleted confidential information.

Blancco provides reliable data erasure solutions to ensure data safety. The methods are tailored to match the individual needs of a company. You won’t worry about your information being retrieved and used against you. More so, your customers will be protected, and so will your brand.

Benefits of Data Erasure for Enterprises

Now that you have an idea of what data erasure is about, it is time to know the benefits of applying effective data erasure solutions.Global Databerg reports that only 15% of the average company’s data is critical businesswise. Erasing data at the end of their lifespan should be a priority for proper management and data security. Here are some benefits that come with appropriate data erasure solutions.

Cut Down on Costs

While you may think that destroying the data yourself saves money, you risk the data being retrieved and misused. Companies pay thousands to millions of dollars as fines due to data breach.Hiring a licensed company to help with the destruction of data is the first step in safeguarding your company and avoiding hefty penalties.

Data Cannot Be Recovered

Wiping data from devices does not guarantee permanent removal. Professional data erasure companies use highly reliable software and tactics to ensure that your data will never be retrieved. You can rest easy knowing that criminals will never get their hands on your data.

Need More Office Space?

Keeping data that is no longer valuable takes up valuable space in any enterprise. By having your data erased, you can free up hard drives for later use. Make a habit of clearing old storage drives by adequately destroying them.

Regulatory Compliance

Involving professionals in data erasure ensures that your company complies with regulations about digital files disposal. You won’t worry about fines because your data is disposed of according to laws.

Bottom Line

Data security is not something that businesses should take lightly. It can result in hefty fines, reputation damage, customers mistrust, and even brand dilution. Hiring a professional data erasure company like Blancco guarantees that all sensitive data is destroyed. Besides, the data erasure solutions ensure that your company is compliant with regulations.