Herbs and spices are the secrets of healthy recipes and mouth-watering meals. One such ingredient that boasts enormous health benefits is edible magic mushrooms.
 These are psychedelic mushrooms containing hallucinogenic effects. Food lovers use this eloquent fungus in preparing some delicious meals as well as desserts. What makes the recipes highly unique is the euphoria-like effects induced by these mushrooms. From therapeutic beverages to top-notch chocolate desserts, you can prepare absolutely anything with this ingredient.

Keep reading to know the top shroom recipes that every food enthusiast must try at least once in a lifetime.

1. Shroom Pesto

Shroom Pesto

Here’s the sauce that almost everybody uses in delicious Italian dishes. You can prepare pesto sauce loaded with top-notch flavours and soothing essence with the magic mushrooms. All you need to do is gather the usual ingredients required for making the famous Italian sauce. Make sure to fetch some psychedelic mushrooms that are authentic as well as appealing. You can use the ingredients like garlic, parmesan cheese, basil leaves, lemon juice, and walnuts. With such strong components, the sauce turns out to be savoury and delicious. Also, it masks the earthy taste of the shrooms quite well.

How To Prepare?

  • Take out the ingredients like garlic, parmesan cheese, basil leaves, lemon juice, and magic mushrooms.
  • Blend the ingredients in the blender for a few minutes until the sauce becomes chunky.
  • Take the sauce out and pair it with meals like carrot sticks and cheesy toasts.

2. Magic Mushroom Spaghetti

Mushroom Spaghetti

Spaghetti is delicious and makes one of the best lunch meal options. You can transform your meals into an occasion with a hint of magic mushroom in your spaghetti. Just grab the essential ingredients like parmesan cheese, basil leaves, pasta, buy magic mushrooms canada, desired sauces, and spices. You might also need sausage and arugula to enhance the taste of the earthy mushrooms. This recipe is quite easy and quick to prepare when you don’t feel like eating a heavy meal. Not to forget, it brings out the best high and satiates your stomach for a long duration.

How To Prepare?

  • Heat the pan and fry the sausages till they turn brownish and well-cooked. Make sure to cut them while cooking themselves.
  • Simultaneously, cook the spaghetti with some oil and a hint of salt.
  • Add the sausages, arugula, and spaghetti to a pan and cook them well together.
  • Saute the garlic mixture with some pepper and other spices and mix it with the spaghetti in the other pan.
  • Lastly, add the mushrooms and cook for a while to get the perfectly cooked spaghetti.

3. Mushroom Gravy

If you’re looking for the perfect pairing with your rice or quinoa, then look no more. With the healthy magic mushroom gravy, you can enjoy the lunch scenes without fail. All you need to do is cook some rice and prepare the gravy using some nutritious magic mushrooms. With the mouth-watering taste, comes a euphoria that will satiate your taste buds as well as the soul. Make sure to grab the essential ingredients like onions, mushrooms, butter, wine, garlic, basil leaves, and oregano. You might also get some Worcestershire sauce to bring the best flavour out of your mushroom gravy. 

How To Prepare? 

  • Heat a pan and add some butter to it. Further, mix some garlic into the butter and cook for a while.
  • Put some fine-cut onions into the heated pan and cook the mixture.
  • Further, you can add basil, mushrooms, and garlic to the pan. Heat the mixture until it turns slightly brown.
  • Lastly, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce with some oregano, lemon juice, wine, and other essential spices.
  • Cook the mixture and serve it with some well-cooked rice in your lunch meals.

4. Shroom Baharat Rice

Magic mushrooms bring out the best psychiatric effects in your body. It keeps the anxiety, restlessness, depression, and mood swings at bay. You can prepare the magic mushroom Baharat rice loaded with extravagant flavours. Just fetch some spinach, turnips, squash, and mushrooms for the delicious meal. Make sure to use the sherry vinegar and kale for a better texture. It also improves the taste of the meal. It makes the perfect dinner meal and satiates the buds during the travel voyages for a few hours altogether.

How To Prepare?

  • Saute the garlic and onion mixture along with some butter in a pan.
  • Further, add some lemongrass, mushrooms, and Baharat in the same pan. Cook the mixture well with the essential spices.
  • Add a pot full of water and let it cook for some time. Take another pan and cook the squash, carrots, and turnips as well in the same manner.
  • After cooking the vegetables nicely, shift the rice mixture into the pan and mix it well. Add some vinegar to enhance the taste.

5. Shroom Chocolates


If you’re a chocolate lover, there’s nothing better than enjoying the psychedelic effects of the mushroom in a chocolatey manner. All you need to do is prepare the shroom chocolates. You can use this snack for a variety of purposes like dessert toppings, milkshake add-ons, and much more. Once prepared, store the shroom chocolates in a dark and dry place for maximum durability.

How To Prepare? 

  • Place the chocolate pieces in a glass bowl and heat them.
  • Stir the chocolate sauce when it melts and add finely cut mushrooms into it.
  • Mix the mushrooms well and place them on the top of the moulds.
  • Let the mixture dry and freeze the shroom chocolates for over a night.

Bottom Line

Mushrooms contain essential nutrients like proteins, fatty acids, and fibres. Psychedelic mushrooms also boast euphoria along with nutritional aids. If you’re a foodie who likes to try out new recipes, make sure to prepare some shroom meals. From extravagant lunch meals to delicious chocolate recipes, you can prepare it all using the shrooms. Try your hands on the shroom Baharat rice for an appetizing yet delightful dinner. You might also create some mouth-watering snacks like shroom chocolates and use them for toppings.