Talking of safety? Pepper spray and tear gas cartridges are the first things that pop up in our heads.

While self-security/defense are the lessons that we all grew up learning in our nascent phases, however, what’s even more important is to realize the legal bounds in which a layman is allowed to carry such defense products.

So, considering the urgency of the matter, we decided to have a word on self-defense and its legalities. However, there are self-defense situations where the use of such defense products is not legalized entirely, but one is permitted to use such defense products, abiding by the prevailing law.

In Southern California, people may carry and use pepper spray and other defense products for the intent of their safety. Still, there are certain regulatory bounds on how they may own and use such defense products.

Now quickly jump into the legalities of the matter.

Pepper spray, otherwise known as oleoresin capsicum spray or capsaicin spray, is primarily a substance that is derived from the plants and, when it comes in contact with the human eye, causes severe irritation, tearing, temporary vision loss/ episodic blindness.
  • The watery OC spray is carried in a canister, which makes it super lightweight and highly portable.
  • Given the fact that OC gas sprays double up in effect when used by a trained person, however, in certain conditions, tear gas sprays are deemed legal for a layman. Not to mention, the restrictions still apply.
  • Ironically, one is not permitted to carry capsaicin sprays in war since it is deemed as chemical warfare.
  • Besides, individuals can carry OC sprays weighing about 2.5 ounces or less for self-defense in California.
According to California criminal defense law guide and Torrance Criminal Defense Attorneys, even if an individual intent to possess a capsicum spray for defense purpose then also the spray he carries must have a warning label intact, indicating that the product is only manufactured for self-defense and to use in situations when the holder fears his life.

Aside from that, Penal Code § 22810(g) states it is criminal to use tear gas weapons, and capsicum sprays out of rage, and any such act can get the guilty one fined or even prisoned for years in the worst-case scenario.

Even though pepper spray is a self-protecting product that is capable of securing people from life-threatening situations, however, misuse of the product is strongly discouraged, and in case any such situation occurs, the accused one ends up getting penalized with a hefty sum.

The restrictions of pepper sprays don’t stop here. There is a limitation to the sellers too.

Since capsaicin sprays are used in policing, crowd control, riot control, and self-protection, including defense against violent animals and causes temporary discomfort, which stays for hours. Therefore, no retailer is permitted to sell or deliver tear gas weapons or capsaicin sprays to a minor.

So, the essence of our debate is that carrying pepper spray is deemed legal in Southern California when used by law enforcement or for self-security. However, the rules and regulations regarding the permitted volume of such sprays and potency may vary from region to region.