Google reports more than 3.5 billion searches every day. The number increases daily, as more people recognize the benefits of Google rankings on their websites. The sites with compelling content and a great choice of words get the chance to rank on the first page. 

Rank Your Website

Conversely, sites with poor strategies get obstruction from the others, thus, become invisible. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt practical strategies to enhance the site's rankings and attract more customers. Here are proven strategies which businesses should utilize to rank their websites efficiently.

Customize Your Website to Mobile

In 2015, Google made a significant announcement that it would give rankings priority to mobile-friendly websites. A mobile-friendly site, also known as a responsive site, is the one that users can access via their mobile phones. With billions of people using smartphone phones, responsive sites get higher traffic than non-responsive ones. Besides the many users, Mobile-friendly websites are easy to use, they load quickly, and they are easy to manage even when there are many. If your site only opens on a desktop, find a reputable web expert to change it to mobile-friendly. You will attract more visitors to your website, and with time, improve the conversion rate.

Choose An Excellent Linking Strategy

A link can increase the visibility of your website. It can also improve the credibility of your firm, mainly if you use excellent links. You can share your website's links to your social media accounts, share with your friends, or add them to your emails and newsletters. For excellent results, you should choose the right backlinks, and use them in the right places. You might also need a great backlink checker to help you create the correct backlink data. According the the article “SEO Competitor Link Analysis Tool – Competition Backlink Checker” from, having the backlink data you need will help you create a plan. However, you should avoid spamming the backlinks because they might turn off your clients. You should also ensure that the links are relevant to your business.

Choose The Right Keywords

We cannot underestimate the importance of keywords in website rankings. By definition, a keyword is a short phrase related to your business. For instance, if you manage a hospital business, your keywords should represent your hospital and the services you offer. At times, the keyword might also include your location for the local searches. Therefore, you should choose the top keywords to help your clients find you. You can consider using the various keyword finder apps to help you get the right keywords. And when you find the right words, you should place them strategically in your content. Experts advise website owners to put the keywords at the title, a header, and the body. If you doubt your keywords usage, hire an expert, or determine how your competitors have optimized keywords in their content.

Write Compelling Content

They say content is the king, and this is true to website rankings. Besides the keywords, the search engines consider the type of content you have written for your viewers. Online users also consider the type of content you have on your site before they make a buying decision. Your content should, therefore, be unique, eye-catching, and enjoyable to read. If your piece is boring, online users will leave your site for your competitors. So, how can you increase your sites ranking through the content? Firstly, find out what your clients want. Research on that topic and write exciting pieces about it. Secondly, craft your work well and segment it into multiple paragraphs. Write visible headlines too to catch the attention of the users. Lastly, proofread the work for grammatical mistakes when you finish writing.

Don't Ignore Social Media

Social Media
We cannot underestimate the importance of social media in website rankings. Businesses with active websites use their social media accounts to promote their products and services. Sign up to create a business account with the leading social platforms if you don't have an active social media account.

The primary platforms, which you may consider, include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Add a decent photo yourself, describe your business, and find followers. Do not keep your account dormant. Make sure that you post regularly, and you interact with your followers. Be consistent, and promote your website on the platforms. You can also ask your friends on social media to share your content.

Enhance Customer Experience

Business competition is currently very high. The competition has created a wide array of options for potential clients. If your website services are inadequate, online users will move on to the competitors' sites where they feel appreciated. Therefore, you should improve your customer service to impress the clients and improve your customer rankings. The best way of enhancing your customer service is by interacting with your followers and answering them promptly. Encourage them to leave their reviews and opinions for your business, and appreciate the positive remarks. Also, reply to the negative reviews positively by providing a solution for ending the issue. In this way, you will know what your clients want, and they will increase your traffic.

Use Infographics

Visual content is more informative and appealing than written content. This does not mean that you should avoid written blogs. No, but you should at least mix the two. When you add infographics to your blog, you will capture your clients' attention better and help them understand better. Your content will also appear more attractive. The best infographics to include in your blogs include graphs, charts, images, videos, etc. For excellent results, make sure that they are big and clear. Also, customize the sizes well to average. Too big infographics would cause obstructions, while the smallest images would strain the eyes. Find out how the leading sites incorporate their images and adopt the same strategies.

There are many SEO strategies that you may use to improve your site ranking, though the above are the main ones. So, do not limit yourself to the above strategies. Find out the exact tip that would work for your business, and work on it. Also, do not hesitate to hire an SEO expert to bring in more helpful ideas.