A trend that has been rising in Singapore over the last decade is medical aesthetics. Cosmetic procedures were once dubbed as penultimate resorts for girls too insecure about their own appearances, or as a means of showcasing for the extremely narcissistic. With the booming popularity and candid transparency of aesthetic procedures in society, recent surveys are showing a slowly growing acceptance towards cosmetic enhancements in our Singaporean society. Yet another explanation behind this field’s speedy rise in popularity came in part from the development of medical aesthetics, letting clinics to attain improved outcomes with lesser pain and more rapid processes. This Southeast Asian city’s clinics and aesthetic industry are slowly but surely catching up with Korea - the mecca of medical aesthetic treatments.

Breast Implants or Breast Augmentations
A women’s “rack”, or the size of them, are understandably the source of pride for girls anywhere. Girls with larger, more firm chests feel confident enough to fully show off their bodies in swimwear and more mature females look for solutions to make their breasts look more perky and pert. Quite some proven options are now a choice to ladies who are keen on breast enhancement. In the most common scenario, a plastic surgeon will implant silicone directly into the busts. Boob enhancement operation is a complicated medical operation and costs a minimum of 12 thousand dollars. The only medical practices officially approved to carry out breast implant operations/procedures in our sunny island are plastic surgery clinics. Boob implant surgery is categorised in the same vein as cosmetic nose surgeries, abdominoplasty and double eyelid surgeries. If you are keen on getting breast implants in Singapore, save up at minimum 13 grand sing dollars for a highly skilled breast doctor. More famous surgeons are reported to ask for up to $25,000 for it.

Picosecond Laser
Picolasers belong to a special variety of lasers with the ability to deliver laser energy in extremely short discharge durations measured in picoseconds (1 millionth of 1 millionth of a second). It is not uncommon to see pico lasers employed to remove tattoos and other manifestations of skin pigmentation, but the wide applicability of picosecond lasers have also appeared in a variety of different classes of treatments, like skin toning. Situations associated with discoloured skin, take for example, freckles and even pigmented underarm folds may be treated using advanced picolasers.

Picosecond lasers operate by shattering the pigmentation or tattoo collections within the skin into tinier fragments with potent discharges of laser energy. The residue is then resolved by the person's own body in a natural process. As these discharges are of an extremely low pulse rate, the chances that any form of surrounding tissue heating up and taking injury is very low. There is zero downtime from picolaser treatments and individuals that have undergone picosecond laser treatments are fit to return to work or daily activities immediately after the treatment is completed. Redness in the treated areas can be observed after the procedure. This usually disappears within a day. The cost of a picosecond laser treatment in Singapore can vary widely, ranging from between $400 for one session to around $1,000 for a session. 

Pigmentation removal in Singapore is much easier now!
Pigmentation on skin is a prevalent condition where you can notice dark patches oweing to groups of pigment cells in the skin. When you are exposed to sunlight, we allow the exposed part of skin to get damaged by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Thus, the most prevalent locations for pigmentation to develop at, frequently happen at the most exposed parts – the face, cheeks and nose. There is no all-encompassing remedy for every pigmentation issue out there. In the case of melasma, which arises mostly due to contact with sunlight, can be easily misconstrued for freckles, but then again, can be triggered because of fluctuations in the bodily hormones. Procedures for removal of pigmentation must always be suited to lift the root cause of the symptoms posed and to deny recurrence.
Pigmentation treatments have evolved greatly along the years and a great resource is this pigmentation guide at https://onefaceclinic.com/pigmentation-removal-treatments-guide-dr-david-ng-c-h/. If you are interested about getting pigmentation removed on your face or body, this is a great place to start researching as it is recently updated and written by a very experienced doctor.
In order to accurately treat pigmentation, you will first need to properly identify exactly which condition you are suffering from. Quite often, there are pigmentation types that are misconstrued as different ailments, and even experienced doctors can sometimes make this mistake. There have been cases of the issue showing even worse symptoms when treated using the wrong techniques. Individuals are advised to seek different diagnoses from at least 2 doctors embarking on a treatment plan designed for your issue.

Many suggest that home remedies can be useful when treating pigmentation. I think that home remedies are quite effective and you can actually read more about them at https://www.healthline.com/health/home-remedies-for-pigmentation. However, beware as there are many myths about home remedies littering the internet that should not be trusted.
Acne Scar Treatment
One person can even exhibit several different types of scars, and each individual type comes with a specialised treatment method. Scars due to a bout of acne are widely known for notably hard to effectively solve. Making matters worse, it is hard to fully encapsulate every variable before treatment. The chance to make a mistake is increased as a result of the fact that each and every patient has a different skin type that could potentially sway the targeted result of the treatment procedures. Different types of active acne can heal differently, resulting in many different types of scars. Multiple types can be produced on the same patch of skin, and each individual type has a specific treatment best practice.

There are many treatments that have been created for the removal of scars from acne, but there is no panacea that can solve every kind of scarring. Appropriately employing the correct form of treatment procedure to the optimal type of acne scar is important in gaining the best possible results for healing of acne scarring. Talk to your trusted aesthetics or specialist skin clinic or hospital for a tailored plan to treat the scars that plague you. Frequently recommended treatment procedures for acne scar healing consist of, but aren't restricted to – a variety of laser treatments, radiofrequency (RF), microneedling, as well as skin fillers targeted at alleviation of acne scars. The price of removing acne scarring is highly dependant on the deepness and type of scars, as this determines the sorts of treatment involved for optimal results. Reasonable expectations would dictate to pay up to $3,200 for low to medium severity of acne scars. If your situation seems to be more acute, be prepared to expect a bill exceeding $6100 in Singapore.