Mini excavators
Mini-excavators, also known as compact excavators may have limited digging depth as compared to their full-sized counterparts but they are pretty handy for smaller digging operations in areas with space constraints. It is no doubt that the introduction of mini-excavators in the construction industry has been a revolution. A large excavator isn’t always practical or necessary, especially on smaller sites.

You can even use a mini-excavator to assist full-sized excavators on large sites for more precision and expediting the job. They are effective, safer, and make construction and excavation another plus point is Dobson's driveway construction is always there to help for excavations.

They are ideal for a variety of jobs that require demolition or digging that a shovel or basic hand tool couldn’t handle. Because of the additional range of attachments, you can use a compact excavator for works like:
  • Repairing sewer lines in a town
  • Removing tree stumps and flattening landscapes.
  • Excavating utility and drain trenches
  • Snow plowing in a cold area
  • Digging holes, ponds, irrigation trenches and foundation
  • Demolition of small structures and concrete sheds

Mini-excavators are one of the most popular excavator rental items among construction contractors. So, if you’re still confused about the benefits of mini-excavators; here are some major advantages:
  • Lower expenses: Not all excavating jobs require the power of a full-sized excavator and for economic benefits, the mini-excavator can do wonders. A mini excavator hire not only uses less fuel in comparison to its full-sized counterpart but it also can be towed with more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Smaller carbon footprint: So, if you’re more concerned about the environment and want to have a smaller carbon footprint; this mini excavator hire is the way to go. Not only that, but mini-excavators are also quieter than heavy-duty machinery and thus it is ideal for residential jobs where neighbors are nearby.
  • High productivity and multi-functionality: Your excavator hire can take a variety of attachments. So, due to its versatility and ability to provide several services, you can perform a range of tasks during project execution without much hassle.
  • Lighter footprint: Heavy-duty full-sized crawler-mounted excavators significantly damages the surfaces during movement. But in comparison, a rented, tire-mounted excavator has a lighter footprint that allows you to move over pavements and turf without damaging or harming.
  • Easy Operation and better maneuverability: If you want to learn the work operation on a rented compact excavator; you can do that easily and quickly. Because of the compact size, it offers better maneuverability. With reduced tail swing it’s an ideal choice to work productively in spaces where a full-sized excavator couldn’t move.
Hiring a compact excavator as well as renting a mini-excavator will give you the financial freedom that enables you to get exactly what you need while eliminating time and costs associated with buying, maintaining, and storing equipment.