The word Garage originated in French to English in 1902. Garage means shelter, and since 1908, the architect Charles Harrison Townsend used the word garage door instead of the motor house. Motor house is the home for the car. Present days the garage door is used for referring to the collection of vehicles and the building that contains them. Garage doors are unlike regular doors. The weight of the garage door is more than 180kg. So it is difficult to open and close manually without any external aids.
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So that unique mechanism is employed to operate the door open and close. It contains an arrangement that allows opening and close by an electric motor remotely or manually. In recent days garage door openers have been operated wirelessly to avoid safety issues associated with that. The garage door dimension and garage door size are standardised to avoid safety-related issues. Here we are going to see about garage doors, standard garage door size, and garage door dimensions.
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Types Of Garage Doors

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Garage doors are classified according to their dimensions: Single, double, and custom garage doors. The single garage door is helpful for one one-vehicle garage. The typical door size was 7ft in width and 7ft in height. Whereas a double garage door was meant for a two-vehicle space open by a single door, standard garage door dimensions are 10ft in width and 7ft in height.

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Garage Door Design

The garage door design is a necessary thing that needs to be done before installation due to its potential for safety and ease of operation. Design terminology followed, as shown in the figure below, are Door opening height, width, headroom, side room, and garage depth. This terminology is common to both the single door garage and double door garage. Garage door sizes are defined by the above terminologies.
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Garage Door Opening Width And Height

Garage door opening width and height is the dimension of the door that needs to be designed based on the requirement of the customer. The length and height of the vehicle decide the garage door opening width and height. Based on the vehicle's width and height, it should be sufficient enough to enter and leave without any disturbance. 

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Side Room

The side room is the space offered on the left and the right sides of the garage door opening. The side room provides enough space for the door opening mechanism to perform the opening and closing of the door without any disturbance. It is necessary to provide enough space for the door opening mechanism to offer a healthy operation.


The headroom is the space offered between the ceiling portion to the top end of the door opening. Some door opening mechanism is required in the headroom; in that case, enough space availability in the headroom was vital. 

Standard Garage Door Size

Standard garage door size is also based on the selected type of sectional opening door or roller opening door. The sectional door opening for both the single and double door garage is given in the below figures.
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The Sectional door opening is also known as the panel opening door. The mechanism attached to the ceiling allows the door to lift towards the ceiling while opening. For the opening and closing mechanism, the horizontal door panels attached to the track hinged on the roof offer extraction and retraction of Family Christian Doors operated by an electrical motor. The typical door dimension for sectional door opening is given below.

Standard Garage Door Sizes For The Sectional Door:

  • Single sectional garage door dimensions are 2010mm to 3415mm in height and 2415mm to 3500mm in width.
  • Double sectional garage door dimensions are 2010mm to 3415mm in height and 3505mm to 6700mm in width.
  • The sectional door or panel lift door is left back into the garage. So it is necessary to provide a minimum headroom of 400mm.

Standard Roller Door

The roller door and tracks with supporting brackets offer the curtain roll inside the garage headroom in the garage roller door system. The headroom should offer enough room to operate the opening and closing mechanism.

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The typical dimension for the roller garage door opening is given below,

Standard Garage Door Sizes For Roller Garage Door:

  • Single roller door garage door dimensions are 2200mm to 3100mm in height and 750mm to 3430mm in width.
  • Double roller door garage door dimensions are 2200mm to 3100mm in height and 3435mm to 5500mm in width.
  • For the roller garage door, the headroom offers the space for the lever and spring mechanism to open and close the door. So it is necessary to maintain 450mm of the headroom. Side rooms are also required to support the L-supports and electric motor.

Custom Garage Design

Custom garage designs are used for heavy vehicles. It requires more height and width of the door than the standard one. So, for this case, the door customization needs to be carried out.
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Nowadays, almost all of us have a vehicle, irrespective of the economic level of the individuals. You may or may not own a house. Learning about standard garage door sizes and their working is always advisable as we will use them somehow. This page will brighten your knowledge about garage doors with A to Z's of the gateways. To know more about different door ideas, you can visit The Arch Digest.