Minister of Transport Mbalula Fikile attempted to throw shade at Herman Mashaba over a post he made on Twitter. Mashaba revealed that he used to be a travelling salesman and had to avoid the police. His point was that he travelled through all of South Africa's cities and how they could compete with any in the world. However, now he feels that 26 years into democracy the cities have turned into slums.

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 "I used to be a travelling salesman th.roughout the country in the 80's and 90's, ducking and diving to avoid the apartheid police. Our cities could compete with any city or town anywhere in the world. 26 years into cemocracy, the Comrades have literally turned them into slums"

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Mbalula took exception to this and queried Mashaba's post: "Duck and diving? in the 80s for being a salesman? It doesn't add up." 

This resulted in Twitter taking Mr Fix to school:
@UncapturedBlack: "Growing up in Ciskei under Sebe and Gqozo obscured my political lenses. I find it hard to independently assess our political situation and identify who are our heroes and enemies. 

@MbalulaFikile believe him. Selling "black like me" perm products in the 80s and 90s was an offence." 

@SquareLegOn: "Is Minister Fixit denying the existence of Pass Laws and the Group Areas Act? An apartheid apologist now for the sake of politicking. #voetsekANC"


@lennoxsa1: "What doesn't add is you 

@MYANC busy ducking and diving the people of South Africa while you busy loot left and right. Thula Moya phansi sihamba no @HermanMashaba"