Katie Norfolk from East Riding, in the United Kingdom was left disgusted after a traumatic experience when an Argos deliver driver contacted her directly to ask her something inappropriate. Argos is a retail chain that often delivers products to its customers. 

The Argos customer service team has promised to investigate the incident. Norfolk received a message from an unknown number simply saying "Hey."

She responded by asking who the person was as she did not have their number on her phone. 

He responded: 
"I came and delivered to your house earlier today. I have a wild question to ask you, I was just wondering if you were single?" 

Norfolk shared the message with Argos letting them know of a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) breach, according to the Daily Mail. 

"May lead to this man getting nasty, he now has my number, name, address and came into my house to deliver the item. I don't know his motives; he could get malicious or share my details elsewhere! "

"Yesterday I received a delivery, I opened the door and asked for this to be placed in the living room, that was all I said, closed the door, done. At 5pm I receive a text saying 'Hey'. I ask who this was numerous times."

Only to discover your delivery driver in the Argos lorry and uniform has stolen my private phone number and proceeded to message me inappropriately. This member of staff now has my name, address and phone number, I do not feel safe knowing my data was accessed so easily and I am concerned as when I report this breach in GDPR he may react negatively. 

"I am completely disgusted in both incidents of service."

The GDPR regulates the way in which data is handled in the European Union and the United Kingdom, it was designed to stop companies and individuals from using personal user data for their own purposes.