Former President Jacob Zuma has finally apologised to former tourism minister Derek Hanekom, who he had accused of being a 'known enemy agent' In a short statement issued on his social media, the ex-president had unconditionally withdrawn the allegation that Hanekom had collaborated with apartheid authorities. The controversial comment itself was also deleted, in line with the ruling on the matter. 

Zuma commented that: “Mr Hanekom wrote the following message asking the courts to force me to say it as it is written. The High Court agreed that I should say it. I am now saying it as it is: On 25 July 2019, I published a tweet which alleges that Derek Hanekom is a known enemy agent. I unconditionally withdraw this allegation and apologise for making it as it is false."

The High Court had previously ordered Zuma to delete the remarks and apologise, finding that the ex-president had indeed defamed the former minister. The comment itself had been made after it emerged that Hanekom had collaborated with the EFF in a bid to see Zuma removed from office. In response to Julius 

Malema exposing this effort on Hanekom's part, Zuma had claimed it didn't surprise him as the ex-minister was a 'known enemy agent'.