Likee got iOS and Android media apps which will be used for creating and sharing short videos. Users of Likee – the wildly popular short video app – have even more to sing and dance with because of its announcement today of a partnership with Believe Digital – one among the most essential music service providers within the world.

Both Likee and Bigo Live are developed by BIGO Technology, Likee may be a leading Singapore-based global platform for viewing and creating short-form mobile videos. Bigo Live may be a comprehensive live video social platform where users stream to point out their life moments.

Likee maybe a photo and video editing app that's raining with unique filters, stickers, and computer graphics that users can go crazy about. Formerly referred to as Like, this app allows its users the liberty to experiment on their photos and videos the maximum amount they want! There are not any limits to creative expression, and Likee is the perfect tool to make the craziest multimedia content that you simply can consider.

What makes Likee really stand out from other editors is its multitude of significant video effects. They're not just simple colour-changing filters because where is that the fun in that? Likee goes far and beyond with its editing features because it can magically change hair colours, utilize 4D magic, and make Superpower effects that users can use to make a blockbuster movie!


The Likee mobile app allows users to simply create and edit videos employing a sort of augmented reality effects.
  • Swipe to navigate: Anyone can easily use Likee with its helpful navigation. Users can still swipe up for non-stop browsing of user videos. They will swipe right to directly open sections like popular videos, Follow, nearby videos, live chat.
  • Omnichannel login: One can create a Likee account by entering their existing credentials on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The feature of Omnichannel login availability saves tons of your time and energy required to line up and manage a separate account. A Likee account also can be linked to other social media accounts easily.
  • Language selection: Languages help in connecting like-minded people. A vital characteristic of the Likee app is its availability within the local languages of India. Ranging from 15 regional Indian languages, Likee is out there in international languages like Portuguese, Brazilian, Arabic, Indonesian and more.
  • Nearby video: one among the unique features of the Likee app is its nearby video option. With this feature, users can view videos that are being created around their location. The nearby option lets users connect with fellow Likeers in close vicinity and obtain inspired by their talent.
  • Hashtag searches: Hashtags have made browsing easy on every social media platform. Likee has made use of this feature to draw in more and more user engagement while helping users consume niche content. The hashtag based videos get instantly accessible on Likee, garnering many views and eventually going viral on other social media channels also.
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