We all know that we should cover our RV in winter. But we do not have enough space to keep that big vehicle inside a garage or a safe place. At that time RV covers come into our minds. But is it good? Should we cover our RV? Is it good for the RV? Let’s get to know all the answers to these questions today.

UV protection:

You know that you have to wear sunscreen no matter it is summer, winter, rainy or snowy. That’s because the UV ray is harmful even if there is no sunshine. The way your skin gets damaged by UV rays your RV gets damaged the same way. Even during the scorching heat of the sun can damage the roof of your RV. So an RV cover is a must in all weather.

Dirt and dust protection

We all like our RV to be polished and shiny. But that shine of paint catches more dust than normal. If you leave the RV on its own for days you will see the paint is spoiled because of the dirt. So an RV cover is a must even if it’s not winter. Cover the RV whenever it’s not being used. It will save a lot of money and energy as you do not have to clean it every week or so.

Protection from bird dropping

Have you ever wondered if the birds hate you so much because they left droppings all over your RV? It’s so irritating to deal with it as cleaning it is a nightmare. Also, the damage it does is not even on the list. So keep the RV covered so that it is protected from the evil eyes of those birds. Birds are cute not their droppings.

RV roof protection

The roof is a very crucial part of an RV. Protecting the roof at any cost is important. If you do not do it then you have to pay a fortune to repair the damage. The damage can be from heavy snow, heavy rain, or storm. Before you regret, invest in a good RV cover.

Keeps up the resale value

All the damages I have mentioned can happen to your RV if you do not cover those. The paint, the roof even the internal parts can get damaged seriously. You will not be able to use that RV and may not have the budget to repair it. Then you will think of selling it off. But you will not get a good price for the RV as it’s so much damage. so invest now on your RV cover than regretting in the future.

RV cover is the cheap option

If you look at the price of RV cover you may feel like the price is too much. But the truth is it’s the cheapest option out there. If you had to store the RV in your garage that would not cost much. If you have space then great just keep it there. If not, you have to rent a place to keep your RV which is pretty costly. So covering the RV at a safe place at your yard is the best way for the money. Make sure there is no tree nearby. Keep the RV on check every week to trace any damage.

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Cons of RV covers

Everything comes with a downside just like the RV cover does. If you do not keep an eye regularly on your covered RV even cover cannot protect it. If the rain or snow water gets inside the RV this can cause more damage and molds inside the RV. Also, a low-quality cheap RV cover will not protect the RV at all.

Final thoughts

Although there is some negligible downside of RV covers, you can still give it a try. With proper checking, every two weeks or so will make sure everything is going right in there.