space right for your remote
Around the world, businesses are transitioning into a remote work lifestyle. After all, it offers plenty of benefits: studies have shown employees are more productive when they have greater autonomy; more and more employees find remote work opportunities to be a perk equivalent to bonuses; and remote work helps businesses cut costs.

But even with the myriad of benefits, there are some elements of remote work that don’t for some employees. This could be the case for remote workers whose homes are too distracting or who thrive in social communities and find the home-based remote work style far too isolating. Coworking centers offer shared access to a workspace, and there are plenty of benefits here, too. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about making your remote work transition from the home to the coworking space:

Proximity & Accessibility

Before you even begin to entertain local coworking places, think about the proximity and accessibility of the place in question. If you don’t think you’ll be using your coworking space regularly—whether it’s because it’s too far or you don’t have the motivation to get dressed each morning and head over—it would be more cost-effective to use that coworking membership fee to create an effective home office in your house. If you’re willing to make an extra effort, a coworking space could definitely be worth it for you.

Understanding Your Work Needs

As previously mentioned, your home isn’t always the most ideal place to work from. Whether there are distractions or you have an unreliable internet connection, there are many cases where a co-working space might be more suitable to your needs.

With this mind, make a list of those needs and check out different coworking spaces that cater to them. For example, if you have important sales or staff meetings every week, you might benefit from soundproof phone booths. Or, if your team gets together once a month, you might want to be in a coworking space that offers private meeting rooms that are outfitted with top-tier conferencing equipment.

Paying the Price

Another area you need to consider is the price of the coworking space. If your industry or company has been hit hard by the coronavirus, for example, you might not be in the best financial position to put a portion of your earnings into a coworking space. The price of your coworking space will of course depend on the venue itself and type of arrangement you choose.

For example, at the Collection, an upscale downtown office space with coworking packages, you can choose from creative private offices, monthly furnished offices, or shared open workspaces. Many coworking spaces offer similar setups. However, some of the best coworking spaces offer ample perks that can offset the cost. This could include free tea, coffee, snacks, printing, and high-speed internet.

Networking Benefits

If you thrive in social atmospheres, coworking is for you. Many venues offer ample networking opportunities, giving you the chance to connect with people you may not have otherwise. For instance, they may host monthly networking events that make it easy to form new connections, or have regular events with speakers or informational sessions.

Not to mention, coworking venues are inherently social; if you have a shared workspace, you never know who’s sitting beside you, and a friendly introduction can go a long way. These small interactions bind coworking communities, and research has also shown that micro interactions can boost happiness; humans are, after all, social beings by nature.

Better Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of a coworking space is that there’s plenty of flexibility, which means you can scale up or down depending on your needs. If you have a month to month contract and want to put a pause on or cancel your membership, you’re not tied to anything. If you want to grow your team, you can do that, too. Flexible agreements put the control in your hands and give you the time you need to determine whether coworking is right for you altogether.

Many spaces also offer trial passes for you to get a feel for the environment before you make any commitments. If you don’t see any trial options on their website, reach out to them; many spaces are more than happy to accommodate you.