bike riding
Some would argue if bike riding is good for seniors. Their assumption is that seniors would be likely to get injured if do bike riding. These are a case of a logical fallacy as they will not get hurt at all. The reason that they may be hurt is if they are inexperienced with the bicycle, not paying attention to the road or wrong techniques in bike riding.

Women’s cruiser bikes are perfectly good and safe for seniors. This activity is adaptable and allows a varying level of fitness to immediately find a challenge that is compatible with their current physical strength. For example, if the rider have heart problems, modern bikes have built-in heart rate monitors to be mindful on their physical exertion. Some seniors have trouble with their joints and are not able to do high-impact exercises like jogging. Cycling is perfect as this is a low-impact exercise that has little impacts on the knees. Even though it's a low impact sport, the benefits are the same as running.

Bike riding for a healthier heart

Since inactivity is common with seniors, weight gain is common with them. These can cause problems like diabetes and heart disease later on. Getting on a bicycle shaves off calories and fat. If seniors get used to being on the bike, they can cover longer distances thus have more calories to burn. With weight loss, heart disease occurrence is greatly reduced. Cycling keeps those heart ailments aside. As you keep on cycling, the heart gets much more effective in pumping out blood. If the heart is effective in pumping out blood, the less work it has to do.

Bike riding for an improved memory

Alzheimer's and dementia are common among seniors. When cycling, oxygen gets transported throughout the body including the brain. Blood flow is increased in the brain. This stimulates the hippocampus which is responsible for creating new memories. In just 30 minutes of cycling, there is report of improved cognitive benefits such as memory and learning.

Bike riding as a cancer deterrent

AS bike riding reduces weight, it lowers the chances of seniors getting diabetes and obesity. The World Health Organization lists obesity as one of the most cancer-causing agents. If you regularly cycle and lose weight, this will help you cut the risks of getting cancer.

Biking is a social form of communication within seniors

Social interaction is great for senior as they are sometimes not with their family. Cycling creates an active social life by inviting some of their fellow seniors for a bike ride. Those who have an active social life are much healthier, happier and also live longer according to studies.

Body strength Improvements in bike riding

Seniors often get inactive and this results in muscle loss. Muscle loss makes you feel weaker to walk or do physical activities. Regular exercise such as cycling improves muscle gain and tone. The more muscles, the more mitochondria. More mitochondria, the greater you get oxygen in your blood. Getting more oxygen means you get much more energy and have less fatigue in doing physical activities.

Bike riding for a longer life

Avoiding getting chronic illnesses makes you live longer and healthier. We all know that the more often we get sick, the higher chances that we will be weaker as time goes by. Getting fit because of cycling causes your body to work less than the usual. The less your body exerts, the more it can sustain your life.

Bike riding is by all means fun

Retirements can be boring as there is not much to do. You don't meet enough people in your daily routine. Biking helps you meet more friends and lets you be exposed to nature. Seeing nature in itself is relaxing and uplifting as like travelling, you get that excitement that something new is going to happen. Socializing is fun and can be stimulating for seniors as they often complain about the dullness they get from the daily routine that they do.

Bike riding outweighs all the risks associated with it. The most important part of bike riding for seniors is that they practice riding safely. There are about a million seniors around the world that cycle and almost 30% of new bike riders are also seniors. Take your time to have a go at bike riding. Practice it and ride every day until you get the hang of it. They say that once you ride a bike, you never forget it. As always, take precautions every time you ride a bike and don't forget the great experience that comes with it