ICBC is an insurance company established in 1973 by British provincial parties. This organization aims to take care of automobile insurance by implementing road safety precautions, checking the registration of vehicles, and follow up drivers’ licenses. This organization has become a profit-oriented Canadian insurance company.

Claims Guidelines (Car Collision)

ICBC tries to cover all the repair costs of a vehicle in an accident when you can prove the collision. It is required to mention that if you damage others’ cars, the charge will not be covered by ICBC.

If you are more than 25% liable for the car damage, you will pay more for the company. The Surrey ICBC claim lawyer team will help you to understand the legislations’ terms, coverage problems, figuring out the issue, etc. Sometimes, lawyers’ claim is not necessary if the matters are slight. But, sometimes, it is strongly recommended to handle severe such case requires a lawyer’s contention.

Claims Guidelines (Accident)

Being the third-largest city, British Columbia deals huge level of traffics and car accidents daily. The surrey has to lead these car accidents to about 1.9 million. Surrey tries to control talented lawyers to manage this rapid demand.

Usually, lawyers try to finish the settlement within 48 hours after the accident. You can also ask for medical expenses claim in the future.

Claim Settlement Process

The settlement process is the final reflection of a claim held between two parties. To settle down the request, you need to follow some instructions such as:

At the Incident:

While experiencing an incident like an accident, the situation tends to be overwhelming. To tackle this situation, you need to put all the information together including witnesses and circumstances in the crash. You can note down those in paper or have pictures on your mobile. This evidence supports you in getting your compensation.

Medical Help:

After an accident, it is mandatory to get medical help immediately. Injuries like psychological or physical (inner) are not always recognized in the first phase. Having a family doctor or regular basis check-up can detect your injuries, which help you to get recovered soon.

Some medical expenses are covered by ICBC if you successfully outset your claim. It is a technical process where a lawyer helps you to attain certain payments linked with the injury.

Lawyer Consultation:

The typical difficulties are avoided easily by consulting with lawyers. For example, lawyers can directly contact with the adjusters, doctors, and handle all the paperwork related to personal injury. They also can ensure swift payment for disability, rehabilitation benefits so that you can get rid of financial concerns.

ICBC Dealing:

It is compulsory to submit your report on ICBC soon enough. You can inform them of their contact numbers. After reporting, you will be given an adjuster and also a claim number to make the information available all the time.

ICBC always keeps your overall information like your job, relevant activities to identify the exact lawyer for assistance. There are multiple papers, and you might have to sign regarding both the medical and workplace information.


The limitation periods can vary based on the cases. In the case of a critical situation, getting compensation tends to be late. Only lawyers can explain the probable timelines to navigate the claim and overall settlement.

Dealing with Legal Action & other Investigations:

The legal procedures lead to trail most often. But sometimes, you might not go through those trials. Before limited periods, you need to prepare documents. If you cannot manage those in time, your claim can be denied.

To investigate some factors, formal interview with you, your doctors, drivers, and witnesses are run to reach into a conclusion.

You might need professional expertise like doctors, engineers, or others to help in your claim through their detailed field analysis in case of a severe condition.


In case of not retaining ay lawyer, you might receive the settlement offer from ICBC and have to sign in the release form. If you are confused about the proposal, your claim can be gone, and so do your additional compensation possibility. Exceptions work in case of the choice of action course.

So, the process of an entire settlement activity is complicated. Only consulting with our lawyers can give you the best shot.