Bathroom Remodelling
The thrill and excitement of any home renovation project are unparalleled. This increases more so when we talk about areas of the house such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Many of us who have taken the decision of remodeling our bathrooms are usually faced with one important question-

‘Where to start with the remodeling process?’

With designs, products, inspirations, thousand search results on the best home décor expert and so on confusing us, all of it can seem to be quite challenging and uphill.

If you are facing any of the above challenges, do not worry, we have got your back! In this article, we are going to help you plan your bathroom remodeling in five easy steps. So sit back, relax and pay close attention to the contents of this article.

Start by Rationally Researching and Planning for your Makeover-

According to home and interior designers, most bathroom renovations are hastily planned. In some cases, they are the result of an impulsive decision influenced by a social media celebrity post. In other situations, it is to overcome a bad memory like a breakup and so on.

The key is not to let emotions guide you in your decisions. This is important, as it will create many obstacles like overshooting budgets, severe comparison and peer pressures. Planning and researching should be done in a logical and rational manner for at least two months.

Do not try to Mix Multiple Design References into one single Project-

Once you have started the research, you will come across numerous design references and inspirations. Social media platforms and publications like AD are popular among people for their wide array of designs. However, there is one big problem when looking at different designs.

In many instances, we try to emulate different things from a diverse collection of designs. For example, we choose the paint scheme from one, the shower curtains form another, and the bathtub from somewhere else. This causes utter chaos and mismatches, leading to a bad overall outcome.

Selecting the Best Designer for the Bathroom Makeover-

Once you have done your homework, the next step is to select the designer who you will entrust the responsibility of the makeover with. In order to arrive at the right designer, you need to check out their past work examples, the kind of references they have, and above all, how much do they charge.

While the internet is a good place to do narrow down on the designer, it is important to set up face-to-face meetings before you sign someone on. This will help analyze the person and see whether they are the right fit for your project.

Buying the Best Products for Your Makeover-

If you want to be convinced that the designer is not taking extra commissions from product buying, it is best to do the shopping yourself. By asking the designers merely for the specification, you can go to shops and make the purchases yourself.

Quality Kohler Luxstone Shower, porcelain bathtubs, floor tiles, etc. are things, which you will be able to get at a reputed bathroom fittings showroom. It is right to invest in the best products for long-lasting functionality.

Be Patient with the Makeover and do not change your expectations-

Once you have selected the designer and bought the products, it is best to let experts take over. Many people keep checking bathroom designs even after commencing the renovation work. This is something, which forces you to interject the ongoing project.

It is best to not interfere with the work and be patient in waiting for the final handover. If you keep interfering and interjecting, the completion period will increase in a major way. It can also lead the designer to get irritated leading to not so great outcomes.

The Final Word

A successful bathroom renovation project can be successfully completed by following the above-mentioned five steps. If you think that there are some other steps, which our readers can benefit from, please list them in the comments section below.