Marketing is an essential element for the success of any business, regardless of its size and the field to which it belongs. For decades, marketing has been confined to magazines, newspapers and television channels, and these were the most advanced and effective marketing channels. Once the emergence of the Internet and modern technology everything changed, and a new era began and a new concept of marketing called Digital Marketing.

With the presence of digital marketing, many concepts about marketing and the relationship of the organization to the end user have changed, through which the target customer can be reached in the right place and time, and even the best case for making the purchase decision.

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What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is: the application of general principles in the science of marketing through the use of modern technology tools, in particular the Internet. Also, it is the tactics and strategies that are used to transform the virtual digital market into a tangible market.

Through it, the customer can be reached in innovative and modern ways such as E-Mail, SMS text messages, mobile phone applications, instant messages, electronic billboards, social networking sites, search engines... etc.

Digital marketing is concerned with commercial operations that are based on the concept of “E-CRM”, which is an acronym for the term Electronic Customer Relationship Management, which means electronic customer relationship management, by studying the market, searching for new customers, serving existing and old customers, and giving customers the opportunity to contribute to development of the products and services offered.

From here we understand that the new marketing theory that digital marketing adopts ... depends on modern digital technology to meet the needs of customers, achieve the objectives of the institution, develop existing markets and open new markets, thus achieving a huge increase in profits.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency:
Choosing a digital marketing company is not an easy matter, as you must wait and dig deeply in order to find the best marketing company for your business. This is why you have to take into account a set of basic things so that you do not end up changing the marketing agency every 6 months or between now and then.

Tips for How to Decide on a Digital Marketing Agency:

1- The most famous marketing agencies are not necessarily the best
One might assume that the largest marketing agencies in the area or those with a client list of the largest known brands are the best. In fact, this is fundamentally incorrect.

2- Does their good ranking on search engines mean that they are good at SEO?
You might assume that the best digital marketing agencies are the ones that rank first on Google when you research and write something like "SEO"," Internet Marketing" or "Digital Marketing Agency"; and then you conclude that if this indicates anything, then it indicates their skill in improving the ranking of sites on search engines. However, this is not always the case, for example, you find that many of the well-known agencies in the field of marketing on the Internet do not occupy the first ranks in the ranking of results on the search engines, and this is due to many reasons. Among the most important of these is the marketers' preoccupation with customer projects and the completion of all their requirements. In addition, it is possible that their most important customers do not come from search engines in the first place, so improving their ranking is not one of the priorities they focus on.

3- Find an agency specialized in your field:
With the development of Internet marketing in recent times, many marketing agencies have specialized in a specific field or service to maintain a strong competitive advantage, and for a marketing agency to work in various fields means that it is not effective in anything, because we are now in the era of specialization. Smart and specialized marketing agencies often refuse to work on projects in areas other than their field because this requires them to do in-depth research and additional effort. In addition, it can be said that specialization in a specific field is what defines our times and this is what all agencies must do. For example, agencies specializing in film marketing in the West get a lot of attention from companies in this field because they see them as being specialized and capable of what they do. The reason behind relying on specialized agencies is that they take less time than other agencies and always provide content at the required level, and among the factors that make these agencies outperform their peers is that they have prior relationships, an in-depth understanding of the industry, and a set of exclusive data about effective and ineffective methods, and this. Not that all agencies refuse to work outside their field, but that the work done in the field is much better than that done outside it. Many companies and institutions do not take into account the "specialty" characteristic when choosing a digital marketing agency, although it is one of the most important things that must be taken into consideration.

4- Do not choose the cheapest option
We know that you are aware of this and that your choice in one way or another will influence your project. For example, you may find a company that asks you a small amount for SEO service and guarantees you a good ranking on search engines for a short period. However, this company will not be able to continue this way because its employees do not have good experience in this field, and because the company will not be able to appoint competent people because of the meager price that it offers to its clients.

5- Search carefully the agency's business before choosing it:
One of the most unbiased ways to determine how effective an agency is in internet marketing is by looking at the business and projects it has worked on and testimonials as well as asking for a recommendation from one of its former clients. It is obvious that these agencies have a summary of their work and case study examples such as how they managed to grow with the social media accounts of one of their clients or how they were able to grow in the volume of visitors to a site during a specific period of time or how they were able to maximize the return on investment for all their marketing efforts, the important thing is to make sure from the extent of their business relevance to your project first and then to your advertising campaign requirements and marketing ambitions.

To sum up, not all case studies, testimonials, and recommendations provided online will guarantee that the marketing agency is as good for you as it has been for others. So, after following the above tips, there is no shame in following your intuition in choosing.