Competitive Gaming Tournament
Ever since video games became a thing, we’ve all been mesmerized by gaming. Players always wanted to see who’s better and it didn’t take long for competitive gaming to gain popularity. Fast forward to 2020 and we have competitive gaming on an entirely new level. Not only there are pros you can watch compete but you can enter a gaming tournament yourself. No matter what genre you prefer, there are online and offline tournaments you compete in. But what to do after you sign up for a tournament? Our simple guide for your first competitive gaming tournament may help.

Enter your first gaming tournament

Let’s take a step back. There’s so much to talk about before you even sign up for your first tournament. If you’re like most players, you’ve always dreamed of competing on a big scene and proving everyone you’re the best. Maybe you even pretended to compete in a tournament while playing a game online. The problem is that while most players want to compete, they hesitate to apply for a tournament. The three most common reasons for this include fear, uncertainty and doubt, or as experts call it “FUD.” Fear is completely natural when it comes to competing in a tournament. After all, there will be people watching and you’ll play against other top players out there. However, none of these people are there for you. They want to watch the game and they don’t really care about who’s playing. Once you deal with fear, eliminating uncertainty and doubt isn’t tough. Have in mind that you won’t know what to expect until you show up and take part in a gaming tournament.

Learn about the gaming tournament you’re applying for

Many players sign up for tournaments without even reading the rules. This often results in an unpleasant experience and that’s something you’d want to avoid. Therefore, before you apply, learn everything there is about the gaming tournament you’re applying for. Becoming familiar with all the rules and regulations can help you prepare and practice for the tournament. Let’s say you’re entering an FPS tournament and there’s a gun you love using. If the gun is on a ban list for the tournament, you might want to take time and practice playing with another gun. Similarly, some tournaments ban certain in-game maneuvers that are overpowered. The last thing you want to do is perform the maneuver and get disqualified. Depending on the tournament, you may not even be allowed to have any sort of hat on when playing. Most tournaments also disqualify players who taunt and trash-talk.

Do your research

Most people think that practicing for a gaming tournament is all about playing the game over and over. While that may help you with the game mechanics, there’s much more you can do to prepare for your first gaming tournament. For example, you can start by watching pros play on Twitch and YouTube. Maybe the way Ninja arranges his weapons can help you switch between your favorite Fortnite guns more quickly? Or a formation Nepenthez uses in FIFA 20 suits your team better? There’s a lot you can learn from the pros and the amount of videos and live streams you can find on the web is never-ending. Not only this, but if you do your homework, you may be able to find out even more about the tournament you’re applying for by reading about other players’ experiences on Reddit. Or if you’re signing up for an online casino tournament, you can read about how slot tournaments work on AskGamblers. The more information you collect, the better.

Practice like a pro

We said earlier that playing the game over and over isn’t what practicing is all about. While that is true, there’s no point in signing up for a tournament if you don’t play the game in your free time. In fact, that’s the only way to get good at it. However, it’s extremely important to understand the difference between playing and practicing. When practicing, you shouldn’t think about your score or pay attention to who’s winning. Practicing is all about taking your skills to the next level and getting ready for the event. If that means taking an hour every day to master a Fortnite maneuver you’re not good at, so be it. Also, consider playing under different circumstances to improve your skills. For example, some CS:GO pro players practice on smoke maps to improve their shooting. The more drills you can come up with, the better you’ll perform in the tournament.

Over to you

Competing with other top players may seem scary but it’s a wonderful experience no gamer should miss out on. If you think you’re good enough, it’s time to sign up and get ready. If the luck’s on your side, you may even end up winning and taking home a cash prize or free gaming equipment.