human mind
Music has a great impact on the human mind. It creates peace and also helps in getting over a situation within a certain period. There are different areas of the brain that music affects and it creates calmness. There different forms of music and each form has its impact on the human brain. For example, happy and sad music can have a different impact, whereas rock music can have a different impact.

Every music form has its advantage and it can also act as medicine for different brain diseases. Various studies have proven music can help a human being heal from diseases like fibromyalgia. The choice of music plays a vital role in this healing process. Generally, it is suggested for patients to listen to relaxing music. As per certain research in the year 2014, it is proved that music eases pain by triggering opioids. The opioids are generally known to be the bodies natural pain relievers. Even it was proved in the year 2013 that people given with Naltrexone drug took more time to heal whereas they could heal faster with the help of music.

The human mind requires music to relax. Society has been so harsh nowadays that humans need to listen to music to stay happy and music can also be used as a source of entertainment by humans.

Stress Relief

Music has the various advantage to the human brain. It acts as a savior for all the human as it helps them get relief from stress. Generally, stress relief depends upon the choice of song that generally varies according to different human moods and personalities. This stress relief happens due to the lowering of cortisol levels. These cortisol levels are generally termed to be the hormone that is released with the response to stress. However, in the year 2013, a link was used that demonstrated the link between the human mind and pediatric stress with the role and impact of music on it.


Researches have suggested that music not only heals from various pathetic diseases but can also help boost human memory. For example: If a human being is listening to the same music for a longer duration, this can take his/her mind back to decades within an instant. Famous Neurologist Oliver Sacks has also made a big clarification that music can evoke emotion and emotion does bring back some memory. It can also make all humans feel the meaning of life when nothing else can do so.

One of the most popular studies that were conducted in the year 2014 over 89 patients who were suffering from dementia proved that music treatment can cure this dangerous disease whereas no medicine could do so. The results were evidence of the fact that only 10 weeks of music coaching along with 10 weeks of music singing group can help humans heal from this disease.

Brain Injury or Stroke

As mentioned earlier music brings back emotion and this emotion does help in bringing back some memory. Some studies have already revealed that brain patients who are suffering from epilepsy need different music treatment to those who are not. It is even marked that in the earlier stages after stroke patients who listened to music showed lots of improvement in recovery. Melodic Intonation Therapy which is a music-based treatment company developed in the year 1973 to help stroke survivors or other patients who suffer from aphasia. The major of the company is to help the patients recover faster and better so that they can communicate and recover better.


Music no doubt allows every individual to heal well but it also allows humans to communicate their feelings to bring people together in a better way. The various diseases that get cured by listening to music not only helps to improve human health but also helps them in finding a positive view of life.

There are several examples that not only prove that music only heals but it also tells us that humans can get happy by listening to music. They can listen to music after their busy schedules of work and this listening to music by them definitely would bring peace and would also help them to get relaxation.

Considering every aspect and all the positive vibes that one human receives by listening to music it can be said that music is one of the best ways to heal. Life of humans without music would have been a very difficult journey as music helps in the generation of certain emotions and feelings that humans get attached to. The fact that music can make humans bring back all their memories easily and make them feel those vibes is one best impact that music can create in the human mind.