If you need to create EBooks for your project, you can use Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or any other application. You’ll need to invest a lot of time formatting the content and designing it to suit the theme of the book. When you’re done, it’s time to export it either as a PDF or convert it to an EBook. However, keep in mind that this only works if the content is in text form – audio and video formats won’t be supported.

But, what if you require more than just transforming the text into EBooks such as creating posts from your Podcast or subtitles for your YouTube videos? Well, this is where Designrr is giving you a hand.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is an outstanding EBook creator and is cloud-based. It helps users create EBooks from scratch or existing content sources. It’s more of a content repurposing tool that helps in converting existing content into professional EBooks.
What are the Key Features of Designrr?

    Designrr is loaded with features that make it stand out from its competitors. Some of these features include:

  • Importing content from any sources such as Facebook pages and profiles 
  • Importing unlimited posts into a project 
  • Importing an entire web page along with post (s) 
  • Self-sufficient tool – No additional apps required (like WordPress) 
  • Create EBooks in 2 minutes 
  • Create flipbooks with ease from MS Word doc, web page, and PDF within seconds 
  • Access freely unlimited formatting, designing, and styling options 
  • Versatile project draft and image editor 
  • Auto Page numbering and Table of Contents add a feature 
  • Get clickable links to in your resulting PDF 
  • Deliver resulting product in several formats 
  • Transcribe videos and audios in minutes 
  • Enjoy safe and secure cloud data

Who Should Use Designrr?

    Size doesn’t matter. Your online marketing campaign or business will have something to reap from Designrr:
  • Brand Marketing: Increase brand recognition by repurposing your existing content into dynamic PDFs, flipbooks, and blog posts.
  • Coaches: Create compelling content for your trainees and students
  • Content MarketersIncrease Email list dramatically with impactful lead magnets from existing content.
  • Course Creators: Repurpose your existing blog posts, articles, and whitepapers and convert them into dynamic flipbooks, EBooks, and Blog Posts.
  • Market Agencies: Take advantage of the already branded templates and save a lot of hours
  • Podcast services: Publish your Transcripts and Show Notes in minutes
  • Video Creators: Convert your Podcast or YouTube videos into EBooks and effective lead magnets
  • Small Business: Convert videos into EBooks and use them as proficient lead magnets
  • Webinar Marketers: Transcribe all your webinars and then email them to your contact lists to increase conversions

What are Designrr’s Plans?

Designrr’s plans are developed to suit your various needs. The Video and Audio transcribe features are only added in the advanced plans since most people are only looking for a tool to convert existing content into EBooks. 

    So, this App comes with FOUR professional plans, including:

  • Business Plan 
  • Premium Plan 
  • Pro Plan 
  • Standard Plan
A unique pan is designed for Agencies. The Last two are recommended for users who are looking to only repurpose content while the first two are suitable for people looking for something more than just content repurposing – audio and video transcribe features are included.
Final Thought

The Standard plan is available as a one-time payment plan. As mentioned, it’s a good plan for you if you’ll be using the App occasionally. If you’re a writer and you want a tool for formatting your EBooks, then the Pro Plan can suit your needs. For the Business and Premium licenses, they are only good for people with YouTube channels or podcasts and wish to utilize the audio transcription feature. So, pick the plan that best suits your requirements.