Every couple is unique. Some people rush to the altar after dating several months while others wait years to take the big step. One beautiful lady, Nompilo Majola, took to the #ImStaying Facebook page to share her aunt's love story. Her beautiful aunt and her partner had been dating for several years and had three children before they said "I do" in a stunning intimate wedding ceremony.

In her original post, Majola revealed her aunt and Mr Ngeleka had been dating for 17 years. She later altered it to read: "On Sunday, my aunt got married to her partner. They share three children together. Mr and Mrs Ngeleka are the reason why #ImStaying." Take a look at the post below:

The post gathered a couple thousand likes and South Africans congratulated the newlyweds on their nuptials. Manti Molekwa wrote: "Congratulations, whatever God has joined together, no man should put asunder."
Margaret Holl said: "All the best for the future."

Maserame Shadung commented: "Congratulations... May they have a happily-ever-after marriage."

Frances Goodfellow added: "Lovely couple. God bless them and congrats on their marriage."

Carin Meyer wrote: "Wow, your aunt looked stunning. What a special occasion, having your kids with you on your wedding day." 

However, there were some who said 17 years is way too long to wait. Khameli Nkululeko commented: "17 years, I’m glad it ended well hey."

Mzuvukile Vee Nkosazana said: "17 years, I don't have that patience. Three months is enough for me. Congratulations. I'm glad it didn't end with tears." Mpumi Sibeko added: "Give this lady a certificate for patience but then again three kids involved, congratulations are in order."

Mpho Gabara wrote: "I was starting to give up because I am engaged for three years but after I saw this I have hope now."