Commercial Bounce house
Are you making plans to shop for a bounce house? If yes, you then surely need to ask numerous questions to yourself like: Are you shopping for a bounce house for any occasion? It will be used by how many people? How frequently will it be used? With the help of answers to these questions, you will understand what type of bounce house is suitable for you

The bounce houses are mainly classified into 2 types which might be commercial bounce houses and residential jump houses. Residential bounce houses are specifically designed to be installed in a backyard on the other hand commercial bounce houses are used for kids’ events and other occasions and are frequently utilized by inflatable rental companies to provide them for events or occasions on rent. Along with this, there are a lot of differences between commercial and residential bounce houses which you should know before buying a bounce house

In general terms, a commercial bounce house is a bit steeply-priced as compared to a residential bounce house. We recommend you buy the bounce house from online stores as they have exciting offers and you can get it at a fair price.

Commercial vs Residential Bounce House

Capacity and weight restriction

Capacity and weight limit is a key elements when shopping for a bounce house. Usually, commercial bounce houses have the potential to keep 6 to 8 adults weighing over a hundred kilos and a large bounce house can keep the utmost weight of over 1000 kilos. While the residential bounce houses have the potential to keep as many as 5 kids under a hundred kilos and include the utmost weight restriction of 500 kilos.

The material of the bounce house

What makes a massive distinction in commercial and residential bounce houses is the fabric used to make them. The commercial bounce houses are made up of heavy-duty, high-quality PVC tarpaulin which is also called PVC netted sandwich cloth. It is an excellent fabric that is waterproof, long-lasting and is not flammable. However, residential Bounce Houses are made of heavy-duty nylon which is also called oxford cloth. Nylon is more robust than polyester and consequently, it is utilized in huge residential bounce houses.

The PVC fabric utilized in residential bounce houses is lighter and much less long-lasting than the PVS used in a Commercial Castle bounce house. It is said that the heavier the PVC, the more long-lasting it is.


Both the bounce houses, commercial and residential have linings just like the slide linings and climber linings. But the major difference between them is that the linings on the commercial bounce house are easily detachable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, easily replaceable and on the contrary the linings of the residential bounce house are opposite, that is, can not be removed, doesn’t last long, can not be detached. So if you are buying the bounce house for slightly bigger kids or will be frequently used, you should enquire about the linings of the bounce house before making a purchase.

The target group for the bounce house

Commercial bounce houses are used for big events, parties, specific occasions like kids’ parties, amusement parks, carnivals, festivals, sometimes even in shopping malls, etc. These events have heavy traffic of people, which means the target group is huge and nonstop.

The residential house, on the contrary, is used rarely and with minimum people going in it.

Both bounce houses have a capacity limit but the commercial bounce house can hold more people at a time than a residential bounce house.

So when you are looking for a bounce house, be sure about the frequency of its usage, approximately how many people will be using it. If you know the answer to these questions, then you know which bounce house to buy.

Warranty of the bounce house

When you buy big things like electronic gadgets and machinery, you consider the warranty as an important aspect. Similarly, when you bug a bounce house, consider the warranty as an important aspect. We advise you to go for the bounce house that has a 1-year warranty. There are a few of the stores that offer a few exciting features with a warranty of just a couple of months. Do not make the mistake of opting for that as these offers are just the schemes to attract more customers.

Also, take note that along with the warranty of the bounce house, check whether the air blower has a warranty or not.

The bigger the bouncer is the more extended warranty it should have.

Selling process

Typically, the retailers, wholesalers, parents, distributors, etc are the ones who buy the residential bounce house and therefore are easily available in the supermarket, retail stores, and online retailers or stores. Commercial bounce houses are bought by inflatable rental businesses, amusement parks, importers, event organizers, different manufacturers, and so on. If you do not wish to buy a commercial bounce house, you can simply rent it out.

Safety Features of the bounce house

When it comes to safety, commercial bounce houses have higher safety features than residential bounce houses. For example:
  • Commercial bounce houses have slide stoppers so anyone who is in it won’t fall off the bounce house after a good slide, on the other hand, slide stoppers aren’t included in residential bounce houses.
  • Commercial bounce houses have tall inflatable and robust sidewalls, while residential bounce houses’ walls aren't high enough or strong enough.
  • Commercial bounce houses usually have top covers that are missing from the residential bounce houses.
  • So If you're shopping for a residential bounce house for your little kids, you will have to be a bit cautious and careful when they are in it.

Maintenance of the bounce house

The maintenance of the bounce house is another crucial factor, after all, you don’t want to spend more amount in repairing the bouncer than the MRP itself. A commercial bouncer is easy to upkeep. It comes with a metal stake that is durable and better prevents the air from coming out. They also come with a sustainable repair kit which is handy to use in case of damage and a commercial tarpaulin. The residential bounce houses have a plastic stake that is not as long-lasting as the metal one, the repair kit is not good or handy, and usually, the tarpaulin is excluded.