Therapy at a Time
When it comes to social wellbeing and a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, Erick Bouaziz is a force to be reckoned with.

From a rocky start with a dependence on alcohol and drug use, Erick Bouaziz has sought to be one of the lead therapists who steer addicts into the promising land of sobriety. But how did he come to be who he is today? His story, not being one of the rosiest, is a leading hallmark for addicts who want to change the narrative of alcohol and substance use and turn into purposeful members of the society.

From as young as twenty years old, Erick Bouaziz was a budding entrepreneur whose mention to the party scene elicited nods of appreciation and respect. He was running a successful enterprise as a club promoter and living life on the fast lane. This opened up a new world for him, one ridden with alcohol and drugs. At twenty-six, his family felt him slowly slipping away and decided to hold an intervention for him. The intervention was, however, not enough to change his stance on addiction, and his supportive family was distraught and intent on finding a way to save his life.

At this venture, his business and entrepreneurship were taking a downward turn, with his business partner and friend giving him an option to either relinquish his stance or get on a sober path. This realization made him realize that he had much to lose, thus prompting Erick Bouaziz to enrol in different addiction rehabs with the hope of being clean. At the age of thirty-two, he had successfully managed to get the help he needed. He was free from the addiction clutches that had almost wrecked his life, with the help of various treatments such as the 12-step program, medication and therapy sessions. This program proved highly effective and made him realize it was indeed possible to move past addiction and embrace a new, sober life.

In assisting those on the same path as he was and leave behind a legacy that would supersede him and assist those in dire need of assistance, Erick ventured in addiction treatment and therapy.

Erick’s strong sense of responsibility and interest in addiction counselling propelled him to enrol in college and pursue a diploma in addiction counselling to be better equipped with handling addiction and guide others professionally. He later set up his addiction and counselling service in 2010 and a comprehensive rehabilitation centre in 2015. He has since then acquired different accolades and degrees in his line of work.

The centre provides a platform for youth between the ages of fifteen to thirty, a chance to regain their purpose in life and proceed to develop better, meaningful lives. The Academy is widely known for its customized and personal approach into treating patients and combination of different treatment therapies to achieve successful results. The centre seeks to encourage families of addicts and help them stage a proper intervention that would jumpstart the journey towards recovery even before enrolling to the rehab program. These special interests in patients before they enrol offer an inclusive approach that makes his clinics accessible in Toronto. After this, the patient enrols to a 90-day inpatient program to access tried and tested treatment therapies.

Erick's history and tough manoeuvre have made him aware of the importance of personalized treatment and the need for a supportive structure for addicts to propel them towards faster and better recovery.

With over fifteen treatment options available, Academy embraces a comprehensive 12-step treatment program which ensures all facets of treatment are dealt with extensively. The centre specializes in long term treatment options, keeping in mind the intense distraction of life outside rehab, and the need to remain steadfast in the journey to sobriety.

Today, Erick dreams of expanding his services to accommodate more patients and offer relief to families affected by addiction. He believes he can do much more, with plans for expansion and his zeal towards developing himself professionally and socially. For instance, he is currently seeking government grants which will assist him in his expansion plans.

Despite running his rehab centre, Erick has sought to go back to the party scene, however more rounded and more aware this time. He is currently one of the top DJ’s in Canada with a new sound wave that is hitting the music industry like a storm. His determination and willpower have made him turn what was once his entrance to a dark path, a successful venture. With thousands of listeners subscribed to his sound cloud, he is trendsetting in ways that could only be deemed unimaginable. This, however, has not dimmed his influence in his clinics, as he is still very hands-on with his patients, having a professional team of counselling and therapists helping him make a difference. With a credible team and advisory board, Erick has been able to carefully assess and offer commendations to develop the efficiency of his clinics.

Erick’s diversity in counselling services has made him seek solutions to current issues, for instance, depression and mental health issues. The current sad state of affairs worldwide has sought to change people's perception and influenced a lot of changes, both economically and financially. Therefore, the need to realign individual purpose and reorganize life based on daily life occurrences can cause unprecedented anxiety, stress and depression, prompting the need for more mental health awareness. Erick has, however, made it possible for patients facing these challenges to have access to one on one counselling services, both online and offline. For more information, you can reach out to Erick Bouaziz Inc.

Erick Bouaziz's rocky and unstable past has not hindered him from making the necessary strides required for self-development. His journey is a testament to the benefits of determination and self will, despite tough times. With vast experience and a great team to boot, Erick Bouaziz is on the road less travelled of self-awareness, therapy and fulfilment.