There are many methods for checking the balance of your bank account in India. If we compare the technology available in the Indian banking sector to other countries, we will find that we have come a long way when it comes to technological advancements. We have many unique things that other countries' banks don't offer to their customers.

You can easily find Internet banking features in other countries. They call it Digital Banking; here in India, we call it Internet Banking or Net Banking. Well, it depends on the bank with whom you have your bank account. To learn what your bank calls it, refer to the homepage of your bank, which is your bank's official website. Today, we are discussing checking the balance in your bank account.

And there are 2 main questions that this guide will answer for you today.

They are,

  1. Can you check the balance by giving a missed call
  2. And the other one is If the answer is Yes, then how?

Before we begin our hunt for the answers to these two questions, I want to tell you that in India, you can follow 7 methods to check the balance in your bank account.

Can you believe it?

Our Indian banks have developed 7 methods for their customers. This is done to meet the requirements of every kind of customer.

If the customer is young and knows the new technology, he or she can use features like internet banking, mobile banking, etc., and they can go to the ATM machine and check their balance.

But what if the customer is an elderly person who does not know how to use the new technology and cannot access the home branch or ATM machine?

This is where the missed call features make the lead.

When the customer can not use the other modes to check the balance, he or she just needs to give a missed call. And done. The SMS containing the balance will reach them shortly.

Can We Check the Balance by Giving a Missed Call?

The first question for which we are finding the answer is here.

And I think I have already answered this question by giving the example of an elderly person who can not move out.

But let me mention it again. Yes, you can check your remaining account balance by making a missed call. This service is termed missed call banking in the Indian banking sector.

You should also know that this is an improved version of what we had earlier, called "Telephone Banking."

Telephone banking worked on the basis of the IVR system and was also used to perform basic tasks like blocking a lost card, checking the balance, etc.

For that, we have the customer care helpline number these days.

This means that the missed call number is different from the one used to contact the bank's customer care.

Ok, But How to Check?

Now we know that anybody can check their balance by making a missed call. But how do we use it?

This service can be used by sending a missed call to a special phone number provided by your bank. This unique mobile number is assigned as the Missed Call Balance inquiry number.

Almost every bank in India has assigned a unique number for this service. You can find your bank's missed call balance number on Bank With Us or on your bank's official website.

If you don't know the address of your bank's official website, you can use this page on the Reserve Bank of India's website. They have listed all the banks along with links to their official websites.

So, to check your balance using this service, you first have to find your bank's missed call balance number.

And the next thing you have to do is give a missed call to that number using your registered mobile number.

Your bank will not charge you anything for this service. And you will receive an SMS from the bank. Just read that SMS, and you will find the balance remains in your bank account.

All the private and public sector banks in India provide this service, so you don't need to worry about its availability in your bank.