No matter what reasoning you have for needing a text to speech converter, finding a quality software can make all the difference in the world. Whether you're in need of a translator or a way of reading a chapter on the go, coming prepared with a quality and dependable text to speech converter will save you hours of work.

When searching for a great converter, you'll need to ensure that they offer some of the most important features: many different voices, natural rhythms and cadences, easy download capabilities, and use wherever and whenever you need. With so many options available online, finding the right converter can be difficult. When searching for a text to speech converter, it's important to note what features are most important to you and your needs.

A Wide Collection of Voices

One of the most important features of a dedicated text to speech software will be its library of natural and human-sounding voices. In order to expand their versatility and widen the options available to you, the best converters come equipped with hundreds of different voices in many different languages. This collection of options allows you to do much more than you'd be capable of with a lesser software and a smaller library.

The quality of a program is seen in how natural their voices sound. You don't want a program that hosts a vast collection of voices and languages but provides you with a choppy and robotic final product. You'll be using these voices for many different projects and personal uses so you don't want to be left with a robotic voice playing in your ears constantly. Companies like Naturaltts offer unique and natural human voices that provide real rhythms and cadences along the way.

Easy to Download and Store for Later

Many services will offer you the ability to download and store your audio files for later use. This is typically done through mp3 programs that convert the file into an mp3 file which can be played almost anywhere. You'll have access to the audio file and you'll be able to play it back or use it in whatever project you might need it for as long as it's a personal project.

Some programs restrict access to the audio file to those who have paid for the full service or simply don't offer the ability to download the file. You'll want to stay away from programs like these as you won't be able to listen to the converted text on the go and your access will be greatly restricted. The best converters allow you to download your file instantly and use it whenever you want.
Commercial Uses

If you're intending on using the converted text for financial purposes, most converters will require you to pay for their services. You can use any chunk of text for personal uses without paying, but commercial use will typically be restricted to the paid-for products. Once you've paid for the full service, you'll have access to the full library of the converter which might not be available for free.