Are you looking for an affordable exercise bike? If so then you should search for the best spin bike under 500. Fun Fact: In 1796 Francis Lowndes invented an early version of the stationary bike. The Gymnasticon was more like an elliptical machine and included two wheels connected by wooden rods and cranked using hands and feet. Here are some under-$500 spin bikes to consider:

1. Recumbent Exercise bike by Circuit Fitness

This unit places your body in a horizontal position instead of the standard vertical position. It provides more comfort since you’re sitting in a more natural position. One of the big plusses of this unit is it has a 300-lb capacity, which is higher than many other units.

You also get 15 pre-set programs, which offer more flexibility. You can pick one based on your fitness goals like building leg muscles or boosting stamina.

Another benefit you get is the sturdy construction. It’s made of high-quality steel that makes the unit more durable. This is critical because today exercise equipment is often made today with flimsy materials, which lowers the lifespan.

Yet another plus in terms of comfort is the ergonomic handles. These are small yet critical components since you grip them while pedaling the spin bike. It’s always important to be as comfy as possible whether you’re on the bike for 5 or 50 minutes.

Another key feature is an adjustable seat. This is another key feature that can be moved forward or backward. This tweak can make you comfier as you ride the best spin bike under 500 to good health.

2. Spin Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness

This indoor cycling bike features chrome flywheel for extra durability. You can’t go wrong with the same metal used to make car/truck hubcaps. This helps to make the wheel more durable.

There’s also an LCD monitor so you can track things like distance and speed. When doing cardio workouts it’s always important to track your progress so you’ll know how close you are to reaching fitness goals.

Another key feature is adjustable resistance. This allows you to simulate riding uphill, which can give your calf muscles and lungs a better workout. The bike’s manufacturer also provides online lessons so you can learn how to use exercise equipment more effectively.

3. U616 Upright Bike by Nautilus

Here’s another affordable stationary bike you can pick from. Nautilus. It includes a dual LCD display that shows the status for up to 10+ workout details. You also get nearly 30 programs 25 resistance levels, and 4 user profiles for the best spin bike under 500.