Valet Parking SolutionsDo you want to improve the efficiency of your business? Do you want to put an impressive first impression on your guests? The place can be your residential building, hotel, restaurant, casino, school, or shopping center for which you must have the best parking service.

Valet parking solutions are always present to guide you to the best experience in terms of increasing revenue growth and improving the security level with the help of many robust features. Having a flexible valet solution, you can choose any set of elements from a wide range of services to enhance the customers' experience with the efficiency of services.

Top features for valet parking solutions

1) Automatic Generation of productivity reports and data warehouse integration

The productivity reports are sent to the registered email automatically to track the production. The system has integration with the data warehouse to collect and analyze data from different sources. Furthermore,

Automatic valet request scheduler and elimination of paperwork is a great source to save time.

2) Credit card transactions

The software offers PCI compliant credit card processing. Besides, the system automatically charges credit cards and one can perform an unlimited number of transactions through it.

3) Top shelf customer service

Automated pay stations, less waiting time, and conducting surveys to evaluate customer satisfaction are the best endeavors to ace the level of customer service. Customers can check information about the location of their vehicle, time stamps, valets, and assigned drivers. They can also do claiming and payment through their phones.

4) Effortless growth in revenue

Online parking sales through major portals, enhancing customer experience, lowering labor costs, and damage claims gradually help in improving revenue growth.

5) Integration with widely known Hotels and Casino Management systems and combining with PARCS

6) Use of P2PE and EMV credit card processing options

The software has the option of posting parking charges directly to the guest folio. The processing is done through five major gateways and with the help of P2PE and EMV solutions. When a merchant uses point of scale terminal, Payment card data is encrypted to get it transported securely.

Also, EMV is a payment method of a technical standard for smart payment cards, and it is used in the valet parking services. A combination of secure devices, applications, and processes also helps in the service.

7) High-end security with recording and photo-based systems

The system records the real-time view of parking infrastructure and clicks many photos for the identification process in case of any mishandling. No theft is possible until you are the viewer of your desktop screen.

Furthermore, It lessens the expenses of damage claims as you can save yourself from fake or legible claims with real-time photos. The additional facility of VIN scanning and license plate recognition is also helpful for the better identity of a vehicle.

The features may have impressed you and made you realize the importance of valet parking solutions If not now, then, when?