Many homeowners consider a mini-split for rooms in their home, garage, or shed. Vacation properties and guest houses are also popular destinations for mini splits. Price points vary, and installation can be done by the property owner or a professional HVAC contractor like the Alpine Trade Group can handle the installation and wiring for you. With that in mind, one might wonder, is it worth the investment?

Let me start by saying, yes! It is worth the investment, and you are going to save a lot of money if you purchase and install the unit yourself. The markup on these units is ridiculous, and the cost of installation can also be expensive. If you can read instructions, have basic handy-skills, and have patients, this should be something you can accomplish without professional assistance.

So, where should you install yours? A traditional split is suitable for cooling a medium-sized room that is adequately insulated. When you get into a garage, or a shed and insulation is thin, you will want a unit that can produce more airflow to cool the room down. This is especially true if you live in the south, or in hot and humid climates.

Installation can be completed in a day. You will need to mount the unit to an interior wall and feed the hoses to the outside of the home. Here they will connect with the main unit. The main unit will need power, and installing a dedicated breaker may be required if you require 220. Standard 110 units are available, and some plug into standard outlets.

Most units come pre-filled with freon, and you don't need any license to install or fill. The air blows cool immediately, but be careful about valve leaks. The valves and connections on these units are finicky, and freon leaks are common when not installed correctly. Depending on the location of the unit, power outlet, and any other special needs, the installation process should take about a day to complete.

After installing, you will want to run the unit for 24 hours to confirm it is working correctly and there are no leaks. You will want to manage the temperature of the unit throughout the evening and daylight hours. An unmonitored unit could end up costing you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill if it's turned low and left on all day. These units can cool a small room pretty fast, so it's unnecessary to leave it running all day.

All in all, these units are affordable, and they get the job done. Heating and cooling features come standard with most, so they are great to have during both the summer and winter months. Smaller units can cool a bedroom, while larger units can cool an entire two-car garage or more. Some of the larger units may need professional installation, so read the installation instructions to confirm it's something you are capable of doing. If you find it to be difficult, don't hesitate to contact a local HVAC contractor to perform the installation for you. Most contractors will only install units that they sell, so be sure you find out before making a purchase.