plastic surgery

Most people have a lot of misconceptions about plastic surgery. However, it’s essential to understand that plastic surgery goes far beyond changing a person’s appearance. Plastic surgery comes with numerous benefits, from scar revisions to reconstructive procedures.

Today, some people opt to undergo plastic surgery to change the appearance or shape of their bodies. Others choose plastic surgery as a corrective procedure to correct defects in their bodies and allow their bodies to function better. All in all, plastic surgery makes it possible for people to have a better life.

Below we list the top 7 plastic surgery myths.

Breast augmentation is the solution for saggy breasts

Breast augmentation isn’t the solution—but breast lift is. However, plastic surgeons can still combine breast augmentation with a breast lift. This can only happen if the patient wants to undergo both procedures.

But, if a patient’s breasts are slightly sagging, breast implants might be the only treatment option for that problem. The secret is to select the right implants. Breast implants that provide some lift are somehow of a higher profile. High-profile breast implants have a narrow base width, giving the breasts a bit of projection, thus giving them a perkier appearance. 

Plastic surgery is for the rich.

Numerous surveys conducted have revealed that most plastic surgery patients are middle-class individuals. Most of these patients depend on their disposable income or different procedure financing options. Besides, some plastic surgery procedures, such as Botox, are very cost-effective.

Some think these procedures are typical days at a spa or salon. Specific plastic surgery clinics accept credit cards that help finance particular operations. Also, most insurance companies provide coverage for specific plastic surgery procedures, making plastic surgery accessible to low-income people.  You can visit this website to learn how much you will need to spend on plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is for women only.

A recent survey revealed that 15% of plastic surgery patients are men—which continues to increase daily. This shouldn’t surprise you, as men want to improve their appearance. Because of this, more men in their mid-40s and 50s are searching for specific procedures like Botox, fillers, or neurotoxins to revitalize their appearance.

Also, men are searching for other plastic surgery procedures like liposuction. This helps address certain conditions, like gynecomastia, which is the treatment for enlarged inborn breasts.
Plastic surgery lasts forever, and it doesn’t leave scars.

Although certain plastic surgery procedures help address scarring, most of these procedures will leave scars on the patient. However, your surgeon will recommend the procedure with minimal scarring options. Also, they will recommend other treatments that can help make the scars look better.

Also, while most plastic surgery procedures are deemed permanent, several factors will determine this. Some issues addressed by plastic surgery can reappear with time. This, however, calls for surgical touch-ups, skincare, and non-invasive surgical procedures to maintain your appearance. 

Plastic surgery has a long recovery time.

The recovery time after plastic surgery has been significantly reduced—thanks to advancements in medical technology, pain control, and anesthesia methods. Thus, patients don’t have to experience the downtime that comes with general anesthesia.

Also, nausea and vomiting incidents after plastic surgery have drastically reduced, and most patients can resume their daily routines faster after plastic surgery. Although the surgical areas might take some time to heal, most patients can resume their daily activities within a few days. 

Fat can regenerate in other areas the following liposuction

Seattle plastic surgery experts say liposuction does not cause fat to reappear after the procedure. Fat cells are typically removed from your body during the procedure, and this stops the production of these cells. However, some cells can be left behind and start growing again.

The best way to address this problem is by observing a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. These will help you maintain your weight. 

Plastic surgery is not ideal for younger people.

Most people have a misconception that plastic surgery is only for older people. However, waiting until you grow old to undergo a specific plastic surgery procedure can have negative results or even alter the nature of the surgical outcomes.

At times, older patients might realize that their desired results require their skin to be highly tightened. However, this could have been much easier if they chose to undergo the procedure when they were younger. When you opt for plastic surgery at a younger age, you can achieve better results and maintain them for longer. Besides, these results will look more natural and consistent with your overall appearance.