Spend Time With Your Children
As lockdown restrictions ease and the world starts to open up bit by bit, many of us are eager to leave our homes in which we have spent the last few months hibernating in, and get back into the great outdoors to enjoy some summer sunshine.

This may be especially true for those with young and restless children who are keen to have some form of a summer break before September hits and schools are open for a new academic year. However, with most holiday destinations being out of reach still, it can be difficult to think of ways to safely spend time with your kids this August whilst still making fun, excitingly unforgettable memories.

Here are some safe ways to make a few of those memories with your kids given the current circumstances.

Go to an Adventure Park

Most outdoor places are currently safer to be in with your kids compared to indoor and enclosed spaces. An outdoor adventure park is a large outdoor space filled with tonnes of exciting activities such as rope courses, climbing frames and zip lines. Given the vast outdoor area it takes up, it is much easier to practice social distancing whilst still enjoying all the excitement the park has to offer. 

Go camping

With usual summer holiday destinations being inaccessible at this time, create a mini family holiday by taking your kids on a camping trip. Allow them to get back to mother nature and take in some much needed fresh air after months of self-isolating at home. Camping trips can contain loads of fun outdoor activities such as pond swimming and bonfire cooking for the whole family to enjoy and make memories together.

Go on a Family Bike Ride

A great way to spend some socially distanced family time together is by going on a bike ride together and exploring local hidden gems that you may not have discovered before. This is an activity that the whole family can take part in and feel as involved as each other whilst getting fit and getting some much-needed exercise!

Have a water fight

August brings with it some absolutely scorching days that can make you feel very drowsy and lazy to do anything with too much physical activity. What better way to cool down and still have some family fun than by having a water fight at home. You are guaranteed to keep your family safe while still being outdoors and creating a whole load of excitement and laughs together. 

Create some Outdoor Art

Release your kid’s inner creativity by grabbing anything you have in the house; paints, chalks, felt pens, crayons and draw some creative pieces together on your sidewalk. This is the easiest way to spend some safe fun time with your children. You can even take pictures of your final masterpieces to remember the day for years to come.