Mobile Device’s Security
In this generation of smartphones, it is necessary to be smart and keep your mobile device’s data safe from intruders and hackers. For a laptop or a desktop where it is easy to install anti-virus and system scanning in mobile devices, it is hard to achieve the same stage of scrutiny. But as we depend more on our mobile phones, for protecting our privacy, mobile security has become quite essential for us.

It is no doubt with the advanced technology anyone can be the target for the cyber attack as with today’s iOS and android phone people owns a mini PC in their pockets with lots of data and information in it. But you can navigate your mobile securely if you follow the following essential steps:

Encrypting your data

When you browse online, it is simple for a hacker to hack your data and to browse details if you are not using an encrypted network. It can also cause loss of private data and any of your sensitive information. The best solution to this security issue is to use a VPN network by which your IP addresses can be hidden, and online traffic can be encrypted. It is the best practice to keep your phone protected from hackers.

Screen lock activation

In your mobile devices, you have various emails, credit card details, personal conversations, and more for which you can have a security layer that is a screen lock. You can use passwords, pins, and even fingerprints for unlocking your phone. It means if ever you had your mobile stolen the data in it will be secured from the hands of the intruder. 

Be sure your Bluetooth is not on all the time

For tablets and phones, many times Bluetooth is an attack vector for hackers, and we with no information, overlook this factor. With Bluetooth, the hackers can tracker your GPS details, or on your device, it allows remote connections. So for security, keep your Bluetooth off when not required.

Be particular about the apps which can access your data

With tons of app available online, you should only use the reputable one that is secure for your device. Regularly check the permission settings of the apps as they should access the data only which you have given access. Download the apps from a secure platform like Google Play, iOS store, or the F-Droid. 

The automatic backups

In some phones, it is a default option to automatically backup your device data. But for this also you need to check the security issue, and before backing up, your files see that they are appropriately encrypted.

As it is said, prevention is better than cure, and you need to follow this when it comes to your mobile devices, having all your sensitive information in it. A little bit of housekeeping can save you from some real danger. Don’t let in the hackers in your devices just by a small mistake and be sure to use your tools safely.