Layered Anarkali Suits
Layered Anarkali suits have made their mark as one of India's most elegant formal attire. The beautifully beaded top, along with the flowy skirt, is enough to have all heads turn. That said, a little change is always good, and what better way to take your fashion statement to the next level than by stylizing your layered Anarkali sets.

Mentioned below are a few tips that are sure to take your layered Anarkali suits from a 1 to a 100 real quick.

1) Walk the Tightrope between Western and Indian Clothing

One of the biggest debates when picking out your outfit for the day is deciding whether you want to wear an Indian or western outfit. With a good layered Anarkali suit, you can have a little bit of both. Simply ditch the pants and wear the Anarkali as a dress. The fitted bodice paired with heels will give you a classy Indo-Western look that will make people sit up and take notice. It might not be strictly traditional but is definitely fashionable.

2) Play around with the Accessories

What a lot of people don't realize is that the neckline of the layered Anarkali set provides you with ample opportunity to flaunt some gorgeous accessories. Try beautifying your suit with a necklace and African style earrings. That said, it is important to remember that opposites attract. So if you are going to wear a large and intricately designed necklace, avoid wearing an equally intricate pair of earrings. This will allow the audience to focus on one accessory and not get confused by the complete look.

3) Pair it with a Good Hairstyle

People often downplay the importance of a good hairstyle. It can literally make or break your entire look. While most people tend to let their hair loose when wearing an Anarkali suit, the best way to alleviate the look is to either tie your hair up or remove the front strands from your face. This way, the attention is drawn away from the hairstyle and is refocused on the accessories and the layered Anarkali set. If you aren't big on extravagant hairstyles, pull the strands from the crown of your head back and hold it in place with a clip. This hairstyle is not only simple and beautiful but will also go a long way in bringing focus to your entire look.

4) Get out the Heels

Is a layered Anarkali set ever complete without a gorgeous pair of heels to back it up? We certainly don't think so! A good pair of heels will add a tasteful touch to the overall outfit without overpowering the beauty of the layered Anarkali suit itself. When picking out a pair of heels to go with the overall outfit, go with stilettos in a similar color. Because of its pointed heel, the stilettos will add to your height, while also making your legs look longer.

5) Try Switching the Bottom Half

The best part of layered Anarkali suits is that there are so many ways that you can experiment with it. Instead of retaining the original set, switch out the bottom layer for some straight-cut pants, palazzos, or tight fit trousers. Depending on what bottom you pick, you could either enhance or tone down the entire outfit, making it perfect for both a casual function and a serious one.

A layered Anarkali suit is a fashion statement in itself, and with the tips mentioned above, you'll be no problem adding a little more panache to your entire fashion game.