Yelp is very helpful when it comes to verifying the credibility of business and services by reading the reviews of people who have had an experience with the respective business. Yelp is particularly helpful for small businesses because they can get a good customer base and reach a new audience with positive yelp reviews. However, there is a lot of competition in ranking businesses in top results.

Yelp has its own ranking algorithm, so a little bit of SEO can be done to rank better on Yelp. You must have a business page on Yelp & ensure that the name, contact details, and address to be posted on Yelp must be consistent. Try and get some reviews on your Yelp page. Make sure the profile has a proper display and other information consistent with your physical brand.

The following are the few steps that can guide you about ranking your business on the first page of Yelp.

1. Look for the right keywords
You must find the right service keywords and the locations that suit your business. So, if you are a dentist near New York, you must find keywords that people most commonly use to find a dentist and ensure that you cover nearby areas too, like New Jersey, etc.
2. Insert keywords in the business description  
Make sure that the business description has the right keywords. Like in the provided example, you can say root canals can be done in New York & New Jersey by XYZ clinic, etc. You must also look at the descriptions by other competitors and see what is making them rank.


3. User professional review services companies 

This is a great way to get the required validation that will help you with the credibility of your business. There are many professional review services like revExpo reviews. The professional reviews will help your business to be trusted and will attract a large number of customers.


4. Provide a list of service cities 

Some business owners don’t really understand the importance of adding the location option in Yelp settings. So, there can be multiple cities added to ensure that you can rank your services for other cities, too, along with your main city.


5. Ask for service wise Yelp reviews 

When you ask customers to fill out your Yelp review, ask them about posting the specific services they got and where from. So, your customers will be adding the common user lingo, which indirectly provides you the keywords that users commonly use when searching for a business or service.

Yelp is a widely used service that is a big help when searching for services and businesses, so it’s really important that you do everything right and get a bigger reach for your products and services. Yelp is not available in all countries, but many have copied the idea and made their own versions of customer reviews portals, so the important thing for each of these is to optimize the content as per the user requirements. There are also professional and credible review companies in countries like India, etc, and even one is commonly referred to as Yelp India because the main idea is to provide credibility about the products and services offered by the businesses.
Final Words
Optimizing your rankings on Yelp will do wonders for your business, so get right on optimizing the content according to the SEO standards that help in ranking businesses on Yelp as provided in the steps above. You will be reaping the benefits of optimizing your Yelp content for a long time.