There’s no doubt in your mind that the time has come to replace those old residential windows. Now the focus is on deciding which Canadian Choice windows in Barrie would work best. While there are several points to think about, these four should be at the top of your list.

Thinking About Different Styles

Unless the style of your home is very specific, there’s a good chance that more than one window design would work well with the place. That means you’re not stuck settling for the same design that’s in place right now. For example, you could go with double hung sashes rather than single hung ones. There’s also the option of dumping the current design and going with awning windows or casement windows. A contractor can make some suggestions based on the style of your home. You can take it from there.

And Different Materials

Do take the time to explore the benefits provided by different kinds of window materials. Right now, you have wooden frames and sashes. It’s no secret that they need to be sanded and painted after several years. There’s also the potential for warping or rotting to take place over time.

How would things be different if you opted for aluminum windows or maybe vinyl windows? With both options, you can kiss the sanding and painting goodbye. You also don’t have to worry about the color fading or the frames or sashes warping. After talking with a contractor, you may find one of these other materials would serve you better than going with wood again.

Double or Triple Pane Glass?

Energy efficiency is important when selecting new windows. Your best bet is to go with double or triple pane glass. Both provide effective barriers from heat and cold transference. You don’t have to worry about losing the ability to look out of the window either. Sit close and gaze out over the property as much as you like.

Keep in mind that these types of window glass provide more control over the temperature indoors. You’ll lower your energy bills and have more money for other things each month. What could be better?

Windows on a Budget

You may hesitate to call a contractor because of the perceived cost of installing new windows. What you may not know is that the total expense is often less than people think. Most contractors can work with people who have to replace windows on a limited budget. When you factor in rebates that apply to installing energy-efficient windows, they become even more affordable.

Remember that if you have standard sized windows in the home, the cost per unit is likely to be a little lower. Choosing a design that requires little in the way of changing the home proper will also help reduce the expense. A contractor can help steer you in the direction of options that are more appropriate for your budget.

Are you ready to learn more about replacing those aging windows? You can click here to get a free quote for Newmarket windows and see what you think. The process and the cost may be a lot easier to manage than you think.