Chiropractor Leichhardt
A chiropractor is a practitioner who treats disorders relating to musculoskeletal problems and emphasizes treatment based on manual adjustment or manipulation of the spinal vertebrae to correct dysfunction of the nervous system. Traditionally, the chiropractor would treat only spine alignment but with the advancement in the field of treatment techniques their approach to their work allowed them to treat all sorts of joint, muscle injuries and pains. Incline Health, Chiropractor Leichhardt focuses not only on treating the injured part but also in emphasizing the whole body approach to ensure quick and effective recovery. At this clinic the modern chiropractor uses hand on technique for better results and speedy recovery.

Their techniques include spinal and joint adjustment and mobility, massage, dry needling, stretching, exercises for rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, active release massage and muscle strengthening technique.

What Does A Chiropractor Treat?

Chiropractic is an effective technique for treating various injuries, conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. This treatment offered by the said health clinic supports recovery from the following conditions.
  • Postural illness
  • Acute and chronic lower back spine, neck, cervical or thoracic pain.
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, hip or any other nerve pain.
  • Disc injury.
  • Sports injury.
  • Arthritis and Sciatic pain.
  • Joint sprain, muscle tension, strain injuries or stroke and headache.
All the above conditions are treated gently at6ktr` this clinic by conducting a comprehensive clinical evaluation to develop the best and appropriate treatment plan in order to get their patient back to the best. The chiropractors use their experience and in depth knowledge to access and formulate a personalized treatment for injury management and prevention. All these treatments are one on one. These chiropractors remain with you during the treatment process.

What Does Chiropractic Treatment Contribute To?

The chiropractors at this clinic are experts in non-surgical spine and joint treatments. Their research over this treatment has helped them to offer the latest and effective spinal care. Their hand on technique aims at soft tissue massage that releases pain and allows proper function of joints and spine. This is followed by rehabilitation under their supervision to achieve desired outcomes and recovery. This treatment can contribute to -
  • Recovery of injured spinal or joint by ensuring balance and symmetry in the body.
  • Increasing effectiveness of the nervous system.
  • Increasing fitness level and performance.
  • Enhancing effective mobility, strength and stability of joints.
  • Preventing pain, injury and dysfunction in future.
  • Posture and function improvement.
  • Reducing, muscular pain, symptoms and tensions.


At this clinic each patient is treated individually by understanding the patient’s situation, conditions and circumstances. They offer 45 minutes consultation and half an hour follow-up sessions to have a thorough postural assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The committed chiropractors of this clinic develop their craft through learning and offer you their best. Their treatment is based on the latest medical and scientific research. They create a treatment and rehab plan with a holistic approach addressing your posture, pain, injury and other symptoms that caters for your lifestyle and goals.