dining room
Setting the mood in your dining space can be overwhelming because it relies on getting the light just right. Picking the right dining room light can be little complicated, you do have a lot of options from linear suspension, pendant lighting, and chandelier. Eating a nice meal with your guests or family, no one wants the light to be obnoxious and overly bright, or indeed don’t want to be so dim for a dozing off.

Vibes for the dining room:

The dining room is the hearts of the modern homes, after kitchens. For kitchens, you need to set an atmosphere that is bright and airy, while the dining rooms are small spaces with less going on. The dining rooms can be moodier that must have a durable table, comfortable chairs, and the lights with most sculptural elements to make it a place that keeps warm welcoming and vibrant aura all around.

Tips for choosing the right lighting for the dining room:

Here are few tips to follow that will help in choosing the right light for your dining room as easy as saying bon Appetit:

To lighten your dining room selection of soft to natural tones is perfect to create the ideal ambience. For the perfect selection of lights or chandeliers, you need to do accurate calculations along with the perfect selection of shape and style to set the mood. You have options for table lighting, candles, and table lightings to choose from.

Do the required Math:

According to a few general rules for dining room lights, these lights should be at least 12 inches smaller than the dining table in all directions. For example, for an 8-foot wide dining table, you need to look for a light that is must be smaller than 4 feet.

In terms of proportion chandeliers and linear pendants are ideal options for extension or rectangular tables. Choose these linear lights anywhere within the range of 1/3 to 2/3 of the table length.

Choose layer lights:

Typically, a decorative chandelier inside the dining room gives a low level of mild light output. They are actually about placing the mood and turning your heads to the center of a room. For a new functional style of lighting, you can use layers of light with wall sconces, recessed lights etc. And if you desire to set a bright quantity of light within the dining room, give a try to an LED chandelier.

For the right combination of wall and ceiling lights to create a perfect layered style in your dining room, there are two appropriate options to choose from:

  • Add layers of light vertically – from the ceiling to floor
  • Add these lights horizontally – from one aspect of the room to the other

Hanging rules for views:

For the lights hanged up in your dining room always follow the hanging rule. All dining lights should be at least 30 inches above from the surface of the table. Face to light contact is not suitable in any case. Never forget to consider the suspension length while choosing a chandelier.

Just the right brightness:

A bit of math is necessary for determining the appropriate wattage. You can use Kichler’s tip to solve this issue. According to Kichler multiply the length (in feet) with width (feet) of your dining room and multiply the answer with 40. This technique will help you to find the required lumens. This collective lumen will give you an idea to get the lumen needed from all the light sources available in the dining room.

What about candles:

Sometimes for a party at home or a date night dinner, your casual lighting system never fits in the scenario. In these situations, you can add accent lighting to create a glow or use candles to add an immediate soft glow with intimate feelings. Use smaller votives to set candles on the table.

Lights can set the mood:

Lights can make or break the design scheme of your dining room. You are aiming for a standout fixture really worth’s. The perfect union of functioning, style, and lighting never fails to set the mood. You can also put a dimmer on lights. It is ideal for installing a dimmer switch with your dining room chandelier, and the fixture itself must be dimmable too.

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