Australian Visitor Visa
Are you recently planning to visit Australia for a business or tourism purpose? If yes, then do apply for the visitor visa 600 immediately. With this visa, you can visit Australia to attend a business event or to visit your friends or family. Well, whether you want to come to Australia for a tourism or business purpose, you need a tourist visa indispensably. So, do you know that how to prepare for visitor visa 600? If no, then please read the following write-up quite carefully.

What an Australian visitor visa 600 lets you do?

Hopefully, now you know the purposes for which you can visit Australia with the visa 600, it’s time to move ahead one step further. Do you know that for how long you can stay in Australia with your visitor visa? Well, a visitor visa 600 stays valid for 1 year from the date on which it was validated. You are allowed to stay in Australia for every 3 months until your visa is valid.

Required Documents

When you are applying for a tourist visa 600, it’s imperative for you to submit some documents without a miss. By submitting these documents online, you can prove your eligibility to apply for the 600 visitor visa. These documents can be considered below.

A substantial letter of invitation. This particular document is required only if you are visiting a close acquaintance of your family.

A valid copy of the return ticket which you bought.

Detailed information related to the entire itinerary of your Australian trip. These include all your travel plans and arrangements from the beginning till the end of your Australian trip.
You should elaborate effectively on the below given circumstances:
  • The reasons for which you wish to apply for some visas while staying in Australia.
  • The intentions which you want to satisfy after coming to and leaving Australia. Say for instance, what you will do after returning to your home country and resuming your work etc.
  • A substantial letter which confirms your registration at an Australian college, university or school.
  • A valid letter from your employer specifying your current designation, gross salary serving term and granted leaves.
  • Documents through which you can prove your commitment to return to Australia as soon as your visa expires.
You also need to show that you possess sufficient funds. To do this you can submit certain documents like certain bank related credentials. This firstly requires you show a bank statement showing a sum superseding an amount of $6,900/€4,100/£2,800. You must also produce the necessary banking credentials related to your last 3 months’ transactions.

The certified copies of your passports’ and travel documents’ biographical pages concerning each of the applicants. The fundamental details which should be included there should include their passports’ validation and expiry dates. These should also include their photographs and personal details.

A latest copy of your passport sized photograph consisting of a dimension of 45mmX35mm. This criterion is applicable to each of the secondary applicants as well. These photographs should be clicked before a brightly coloured background. Most importantly, each of the applicants’ names should be written on the back of his/her respective photographs.

The passport which you are holding currently. This should remain valid until the validity of your visitor visa.

The visa subclass 600 also incurs a specific cost against its successful acquisition. If you are applying from outside Australia, then you need to pay $135 regardless of the stream. It be may be the case you are applying from inside Australia to extend your visitor visa’s tourist stream. If so, then you will have to pay an amount of $340.

Invariably comply with the character criteria

It may happen that you or your dependent family members had served in the armed forces of a nation. If so then provide the certified copies of the discharge letter and military service records related to that. This way you and your accompanying family members can meet the character requirements in the best possible way.

Never miss out on showing a GTE

You also need to show a valid GTE pertaining to your visitor visa 600 indispensably. So, how to prove that you are coming to Australia as a Genuine Temporary Entrant? The only reply is the submission of a few essential documents. These documents can be considered below 
  • You need show proper evidence proving your enrolment at the relevant school/college/university.
  • A letter of from your employer specifying your motive for resuming your job
  • Proof of your enrolment at the concerned school, university or college.
  • Documents which prove the assets/belongings which you possess in your native country.
  • Credentials which prove your residence and immigration status in your home country.
  • You also need to show enough funds to the Department of Home Affairs. In this context, you may need to produce documents like your audited accounts, pay slip and so on. You can show some other documents like your credit card’s validity, taxation records etc.
  • A letter of invitation from your relative or friend who you are visiting. Evidence of sufficient funds in case your friend or relative is sponsoring your trip.
  • Documents which provide details about the family members accompanying you in your native nation.
  • So, before you submit your GTE, make sure that you have met all the requirements stated above effectively.

Children who are below 18 years

If your children are below 18 years then they need to prove substantial evidence to provide certain circumstances. They firstly need to prove that they stay with a legal guardian who will permit them for an Australian trip. A statutory declaration must be signed by your parent in this regard. The child/children also need to provide documents substantiating their registration at the Australian college, school or university. Most importantly, the children must also get a declaration signed by the person who will look after them.

An Alternative visitor visa

It may happen that your country is not eligible for the eVisitor (subclass 651) or visitor visa 600. Then you can apply for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa (subclass 601) also. This visa costs AU$20.


To apply for the visitor visa 600 smoothly hire a professional migration agent Perth today. This will let you obtain your visa subclass 600 in the most effortless manner.