AI trends
Artificial Intelligence has shown brilliant advancements over the last few years. The past decade has shown us that machines can be seen as intelligent. This has become a reality as opposed to just being known as science fiction.

While we can’t be certain about the course of Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming years, the spending on research and development continues to rise. Before we move on to the trends about AI, let's understand what it means. Artificial intelligence is an entity created by humans that is capable of performing tasks intelligently. It is capable of acting rationally. AI has become a necessity for us today. It makes processes faster, more efficient, and accurate. It has some crucial benefits such as identifying fraudulent activities, automating intense data management practices, and more. Artificial Intelligence provides solutions to various business problems and improves the existing process as well.

AI-driven innovations are the talk of the town and have paved their way into almost every industry. Most of our day-to-day lives see some use of AI or the other. Let us take a look at the trends that you should be watching out for in 2021.

1. AI becomes increasingly useful as data becomes more accurate and accessible

One of the biggest challenges in the past was the quality of data and information available. Accurate data is essential to build successful AI-driven automation. This has become possible today due to the increase in real-time information. Simulations have advanced immensely. A car manufacturer can gain thousands of hours of data without the car leaving the lab or manufacturing facility. This has led to cost reduction as well as an increase in the quality of data. 2021 will notice an even greater increase in the availability of real-world simulation data and accuracy. This will lead to powerful AI. 

2. Human and AI cooperation increases

Numerous companies have already started integrating AI into their day-to-day operations. There are certain human-skills such as design, imagination, communication skills, and strategy that AI can’t manage yet. AI-powered tools that will help us enhance these skills can be built in the future. This calls for learning how to interact with machine learning tools alongside our skills and how we can interact with robotic and software-based tools. To continue growing your company, you will need to integrate chatbots and other such tools for better performance. Google chat has introduced bots and can participate in chat rooms and respond to direct messages too. Thus, human and AI cooperation will increase in 2021.

3. AI will be evermore present in cybersecurity

There has been a rise in cyber attacks such as hacking, phishing, and social engineering. These hackers have become more efficient and are using AI prediction algorithms to plan their attacks. At this point, smart technology will play an important role in protecting us from these cyber attacks. We can use AI to spot any suspicious activity and track any indicators or patterns, this can help us raise an alarm before sensitive data is compromised. With the introduction of 5G and other such fast wireless communication technologies, businesses have the opportunity to innovate. Investments in cybersecurity will continue to increase in 2021.

4. More personalization will take place in real-time

Brands such as Amazon and Google have already been successful in delivering personalized experiences and recommendations to their customers. Netflix has also introduced personalization. As in when we watch certain shows or movies on the platform, we are recommended similar ones. With the help of AI, brands can look at a 360-degree view of what customers are looking for in real-time, what products and services they are interacting with. They can do this through various online portals and mobile applications. With this, they can learn more about customers and make better decisions and increase their accuracy. An easy example of personalization can be how delivery companies will know that we are most likely to order items and will ensure that an “Order Now” button is easily accessible, all industries can aim to offer solutions and increase customer satisfaction.

5. AI used in creating films, games, and music

Although we have seen an increase in AI-powered tools, there are certain creative aspects such as music, art, and film that are left to humans. If you have seen any current state-of-the-art in AI-generated poetry or music, we can conclude that machines still have a long way to go in terms of creative outputs. However, AI has influenced several films. The use of AI in the entertainment industry is said to grow in the year 2021 and beyond. This year, with the help of AI, we saw how Robert De Niro de-aged in front of our eyes in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

New visual effects are likely to become more common. Video games are likely to see an increase in life-like opponents for players against. And while AI cannot create music yet, it can still create smart playlists on different service platforms such as Spotify.


We are currently living amidst the greatest advancements in our history. AI has grown to be the next biggest thing in technology. Organizations are constantly developing innovations and advancements in Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science. It has not only impacted certain industries but has changed the future of every industry, from healthcare to gaming. Robotics, Big Data, and the Internet of Things have grown immensely over the years and will continue to rise in the future. With the growth of these technologies, professionals will have more opportunities to upskill in these domains and build their way to a successful future.

Facial recognition, AI in healthcare, and chatbots have already entered our daily lives. Virtual assistants have also increased in use. AI is said to create 133 million new jobs by the year 2022. So, these were a few recent developments in the field of AI and the trends you should be watching out for in 2021. I hope you enjoyed the blog.